Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Review: Your Kinky Friends by NIcholas Tanek

A Tribute to the New Jersey - New York Kink Community. 
Devastated by the death of his love, Lynn, Nicholas turned to the community they had become part of: the kink community. He reconnected with some old friends, and through them, met some new ones. Randee was an in-your-face, self-proclaimed slut, and Cassie was an intriguing, intimidating dominatrix. To Nicholas, they were just his friends. 
Sometimes sex is just a distraction, but sometimes it can help to heal. For some people, sex is the only way they know how to seek or give comfort. Nicholas found an honesty and acceptance in the fetish community that he did not experience in his vanilla life. After his eye-opening relationship with Lynn, there was no going back. It was time to make new friends.

It's hard to find the right words for a book like Your Kinky Friends that is beyond brilliant. It is a remarkable story that is beautiful and  full of love. The honesty of each word and the raw emotions transports you right into Your Kinky Friends.  You meet people like Randee, Cassie, Desmond, and a variety of others who are so intriguing you can help but want more time with each of them. It's Nicholas Tanek's excellent writing style that brings this all to life. He makes you feel like you're with him every single step of the way. You feel the grief and vulnerability as he explores the kink community when he puts himself out there. The intimate moments remembering Lynn and the undeniable connection of a love that was perfect for two people. All of these things combined make it unlike any other book.
What makes You Kinky Friends a true standout is that it's a book about the connections among people. It's the friendships and relationships you make, along with the ability to be yourself. It is definitely a book you want to read and experience. There are not enough words to say how much I truly loved this book. I didn't want it to end and I'll be re-reading more than a few times. It's time's like this I wish there were more than 5-stars. Your Kinky Friends by Nicholas Tanek is a book that you'll need and want to read. 
Rating 5 Stars