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Blog Tour: The Lucky Bullet (Intertwined Seduction #1) by H.S. Strickland

Title: The Lucky Bullet (Intertwined Seduction #1)

Author: H.S. Strickland


In a family that was raised in a non-traditional way, Araylia has prevailed in ways no one would have expected. She's a successful doctor who cares deeply for her son. Left to become a single mother by her abusive boyfriend, she continues her journey to be the best mother possible for Liam.

Mace is a man crippled with grief and self loathing for his sisters death. He closes himself off to the world till one night he's shot. Landing him right in front of Dr. Araylia Masters.

All is well, until, Araylia's ex comes back wanting his family again, no matter what it takes. Even death.

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H.S Strickland's debut novel, The Lucky Bullet, is a gem. The story of Ray, a doctor and single mother, and Mace, a man who's life is spent protecting and taking care of others is a great one.  You wouldn't ever think of getting shot as lucky, but the circumstance brings these two together. Ray is the doctor on duty when Mace comes in after being shot while working a case. The attraction is instant for the two. Their first meeting is one of my favorite parts of the book.

The best way to describe Ray and Mace's relationship is like a shot. It's so quick and instantaneous that you're on this whirlwind with them. When you think things are going well, Ray's past comes back to haunt not only her but Mace as well. Will they be able to move forward from  their past and have an happily ever after? You just have to read to find out.

What makes this a standout debut novel for me is the characters and the relationships in it. Ray is a strong, smart, woman. Mace is the ultimate protector, willing to do whatever it takes to take care of his loved ones.  He will most likely be your next BBF. Their family and friends are people you want to know as well. When you want to know more about the supporting characters in a book, you know the author has done a good job.  One of the things I loved about this story is Ray's son, Liam.  You can't help but fall in love with that little boy, with his enthusiasm and love for his mother and those around him.

All the pieces H.S. Strickland puts together in this novel makes it a book you want to read. You want to turn the pages and see what happens between Ray and Mace. They are a couple you can't help but love and root for.

Go one-click The Lucky Bullet today. You'll be glad you did.

I pushed off the counter and stalked toward her; I bent down and lightly touched my mouth to hers. She sighed and pushed closer to me, wrapping her arms around my neck. I deepened the kiss, tracing her tongue with mine. She tasted of chocolate and mints, it was a wild combination but I couldn’t get enough. I hoisted her up on the kitchen counter, taking everything she was giving me. I started to slide my hand toward hear ass when I heard footsteps. I pulled away fast because I knew Liam would be in here in

“Mommy, are we gonna have dinner with Mr. Mace yet? I’m hungry.” He complained. Ray looked at me and quirked an eyebrow.

“It's almost done buddy, just got to wait on it to warm up some more.” He looked up at me with a curious look on his face, and I knew what was next.

“Are you my mommy’s boyfriend? She has never had a boyfriend, she needs one. She’s always at work or with me.” He wrinkled up his nose, thinking. I looked at Ray.

She had her head bowed and I could see around her curtain of hair that her cheeks were reddening. After a few seconds she looked at Liam and said, “That’s not true baby, I see Nanny and your uncles all the time. Mommy doesn’t need a boyfriend; I want to spend all my time with you.” She hopped down from the counter and gave him a kiss on the head.

“Yes. I am your mom’s boyfriend, buddy. Are you okay with that?” I asked. Both of their heads snapped up fast at the sound of my voice.

Liam spoke first, “Oh! That’s awesome! Does that mean I can ride your motorcycle? I really want to ride it. I want one when I get as big as you are!” He exclaimed


H.S. Strickland is from a small town in South GA called Brunswick. She moved to SC when she was in her early teens and just recently made the move to Florida. She dragged her daughters, husband, and kitty along with her. H.S. has always had a passion for reading, but recently starting writing, although it has always been a dream. Her Nanny always told her to follow her dreams, which is how she got into writing. That and her characters were nagging to have their stories told. If you can't find H.S. behind the keyboard making magic, you will find her chasing her daughters around the house. If not that then curled in her big red comfy chair reading. She loves alpha-males who are almost ass holes, but still have a sweet spot for their woman. She has loved the entire journey to where she is now and couldn't thank y'all enough!


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