Thursday, July 10, 2014

Review: Little Black Dress by Jake Malden

Aaron and Carly are a model couple – young, loving, sexy and on the point of moving in together. But Carly harbours a secret – a single rash act at the fashion company for which she works. Her boss Miranda, ruthless and sexually voracious, has knowledge of Carly’s crime and has been biding her time.

The trap she’s about to spring will put the couple through a crazy erotic ordeal which will shake their relationship to its foundations. A high price to pay, for a Little Black Dress.

Jake Malden has once again delivered another hot, sexy, story with Little Black Dress. I couldn't put this story down and loved every page of it. Carly gets herself in quite the predicament over a little black dress. When her boss Miranda finds out she uses it to her advantage. In one day, Carly and her boyfriend Aaron's life is going to change.  What unfolds is a one hot story that you won't forget.

I have to say Miranda is a character you'll love to hate. Out of all of Malden's characters, Miranda is a major standout for me. She takes wicked to the next level. Malden, knows how to write a story and he proves that again with Little Black Dress. This is definitely worthy of the 1-click.

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