Saturday, May 17, 2014

Review: Stories and Scripts: An Anthology by Zack Love

Zack Love has once again delivered another great release. Stories and Scripts: An Anthology,  is a  collection of his short stories and plays that will of course make you laugh, but will also make you think.   The anthology offers a variety  from romance and comedy to philosophical and theological. What ties these together so well is Zack Love's superb writing style. He knows how to write a story that you don't want to put down.  It's hard for me to pick a favorite from this anthology because I like them all for different reasons that you'll see below.

The Doorman

The first story in the anthology is The Doorman. If there is a story that is going to make you think, The Doorman is it. Alex is man who has it all, but he starts to question if it is the life he wants. Enter his doorman who seems to know everything. After events, Alex starts to question if his doorman is God or sent by God. This is a brilliant story. It makes you think about your own beliefs and views. I couldn't stop thinking about it after I read it.  The Doorman is a story you won't forget.

Central Park Song

Central Park Song is not your typical romance story which is why I loved it. First off, it's a screenplay. I've never read one before but I really enjoyed this style of writing. You have two people, Rodney, a homeless black man and Melinda, a white lawyer, who you wouldn't think have anything in common, but chance meetings lead to more. Is love powerful enough to conquer all for these two? You'll just have to read and see. One of the many things I loved about this story is that it shows you shouldn't assume anything about anyone based on appearances. There's more to them than what you see on the outside. Central Park Song is refreshing romantic story that you'll love reading.

The Grand Unified Story

A magical meeting between and man and woman that's tied to the Universe is the third story in the anthology. The Grand Unified Story is a sweet, romantic story. I loved how it shows that in the vastness of the Universe we are all connected and things don't seem as big as they are.

City Solipsism

City Solipsism has one of the funniest endings I've read. True to Zack Love's style, this is one clever story. If you ever wondered what the person next to you is thinking as you were riding the train, bus, or subway, City Solipsism gives you a glimpse of that.

Waiting For 2000 An Abusrdist Comedy of Billionaire Proportions

I can't tell you how many times I laughed while reading Waiting For 2000.  The billionaires are some of the zaniest characters you'll ever read. I couldn't get enough of Little Blue, Dana and Paula, Bob Patel, and Mr. Ching.  I don't think I've ever had so much fun reading a play.

My Best Valentine's Day. Ever.

I was really excited to read My Best Valentine's Day. Ever., because it had Sammy, one my  favorite characters from Zack Love's Sex in the Title. It has some of Sammy's misfortunes which are always funny. The fun twist in this short story leaves you rooting for the loveable Sammy even more.

My Worst Valentine's Day. Ever.

My Worst Valentine's Day. Ever., has another favorite of mine from Sex in the Title, Yi (Narc) telling the story of his worst Valentines' day. If you thought you've heard bad Valentine's Day stories before, you haven't heard one quite like this. I couldn't stop laughing after reading about Yi's Valentine's Day failure.

Stories and Scripts: An Anthology  is a great collection that has something for everyone.  Zack Love is a brilliant writer who can make you laugh and think.  If you have never read anything from him before, this is a great place to start.  Seriously, go one-click this now.

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