Friday, August 28, 2015

Release Blitz: Fighting His Fire by Ann Lister

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Can Ashton Resist Dante's Inferno?


Locked-down at a Los Angeles intervention facility, everyone around Dante Dupont and his Black Ice band mate, Ashton Lane, thought this would fix the issues between them. Dante and Ashton knew differently. What made this a hundred times worse was the fact they were stuck in this room together. They hadn't shared space like this since the one afternoon they both wanted to forget. And, revisiting that nightmare was not an option . . . with or without the help of a therapist.

Two musicians. Same band. Afraid to admit their true feelings, being in close quarters again has them both at their breaking point. They say if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, but neither of them can find a reason to leave, and fighting the fire is becoming more and more difficult to do.

Dante's baggage isn't pretty and his scars run deep, but Ashton might be the one to finally see beyond his past and help him find a way out from the smoke screen he's spent his life hiding behind. In order to get there, though, they'll both have to walk through the flames.

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Dante's had one hand on Ashton's throat and the other fisting his hair and Ashton did nothing to fight the hold. Instead, he stood there gulping air into his lungs while doing his best to slow his

breathing and the racing of his heart. The scorching glare Dante had aimed at him was a contradiction to the erection Ashton could feel pressing into his hip.

“It's always going to be like this for us, isn't it?” Ashton questioned with a hint of sadness in his voice.

“What'd you mean?” Dante's grip on Ashton's throat loosened.

“Contentious. Volatile. Physical. Pick one. They all apply,” Ashton answered.

“I think it's called passion,” Dante's grin was slow to take shape on his face, but when it did it made his eyes sparkle with mischief.

“Does passion leave bruises?” Ashton tipped his head at Dante.

“Are you going to deny this doesn't get you cranked up?” Dante's hand left Ashton's hair and slid over his naked chest and stomach, then lower to circle Ashton's aching cock. Ashton hissed when Dante's grip tightened. “You're rock hard for me.”

“We might end up killing each other in the process of what ever the hell this is,” Ashton's voice was a strained whisper.

“What do you want it to be?” Dante prodded.

“I'm not sure,” Ashton returned. “But I do like this. A lot.”

“I know you do and I'm a big fan of this, too.”

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