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E's Best Books of 2015

This year there were so many books that came out, I had a hard time narrowing the list down to 15. This year, I have 26 (27) books on my Best of 2015 list. These books took me from the dark twisted mind of a young woman, to a priest put through his ultimate test, to a teenager figuring out who he is, and a love so strong it transcends time. Books this year took me around the world and back. Some made me laugh, some made me cry, and some made me look at the world and life differently. They all had characters that made you fall in love and swoon with a combination of words that are utterly poetic. The best part of these books was a glimpse into the many levies and characters brought to life by wonderful authors. These are the books that were the Best of 2015 for me.

26. The Passions to Survive and The Passion to Live by Dana L. Elgrod

I was absolutely enthralled by the first two books in this trilogy. Eva is on a vacation when a Tsunami turns her world upside down. She's rescued by Ethan and meets Lily and Jonathan. Together they embark on a journey that has you on the edge of your seat. In gorgeous detail Dana Elgrod takes you across the world and makes you fall in love with dynamic characters. It is an erotic adventure that is thrilling, smart, and captivating.

25. Deadly by Ker Dukey

When I thought Ker Dukey’s Empathy series couln’t get any more dark and twisted, she proved me wrong by writing the sinister end, Deadly. I was apprehensive with each turn of the page wondering what could happen next for Ryan and Cereus. What comes is an ending that will leave you processing the book long after you finished.
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24. Lies in Rewind by Tali Alexander

Tali Alexander does an excellent job with the second book in the Audio Fools Series. Lies in Rewind focuses on Sara’s story. She’s a character whose heart loves a person that seems to be just out of reach. When she finally decides enough is enough, secrets unravel and truths come out. Lies in Rewind will leave you rooting for Sara and wanting to give her a hug as you learn about her life.
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23. Blurred Lines by Scott Hildreth

Blake is a boyishly handsome mysterious tattoo artist, Riley is a young woman taking control of her life when they meet. As she spends time with Blake she is eager to know more about. I loved the way this story unfolded. Once everything was revealed at the end I had to go back to see how I missed certain things. Scott Hildreth's blurred LINES is wonderfully written story that is sweet, endearing, sexy, and erotic, mixed with dark elements all at the same time.
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22. Eighteen by Author J. A. Huss

Eighteen is without a doubt a whirlwind of a story. When you think of an 18th birthday, you expect balloons and cake. Shannon gets told she has to repeat two courses or she won’t graduate. To top it off she meets Mateo, her new hot teacher, with a bad boy attitude that will no doubt make her want to do more than pass trigonometry. Mateo will push her Shannon in more ways than one, making her believe that something better could be around the corner. As you read, you'll hope she does. Buy Here:

21. Autumn Rising by Seth King

When an author delivers a story of a supporting character it is because she’s too full of life to be held in one portion of a book. This is the case with Autumn Rising, Autumn is a brass, fast talking young woman who has had her share of bad luck. When the chance of love presents itself, Autumn needs to decide if she’s willing to jump in and take the plunge. Told in a way that only Seth King can, Autumn Rising is a story you can’t help but fall in love with.
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20. Walk Through My Door by Anthony Bryan, author

Anthony Bryan’s Walk Through My Door is a refreshing story centered around a single mother and a single father. The dymanic chemisty of Adam and Lauren leaps off the pages. They are two people you want and need together, but life isn’t perfect and has them asking what they’re willing to do for true love. Adam is one of the most swoon worthy characters you'll meet.
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19. Mastered Saga by K.L.Silver

Whoa. This is the reaction I had after reading K.L. Silvers tantalizing and erotic tale of a BDSM relationship. A chance meeting and a powerful pull leads Missy to James. The thoughts of both characters on their journey to a Dominant/submissive relationship is what makes this a great series.
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18. Tempting by Alex Lucian

Nathan and Adele had me fanning myself more than a few times. An encounter at a bar leads to a hot night of passion that is seared into the memory. While Adele knows he's her professor, Nathan is in for a surprise when he sees her. I loved every page and the chemistry is perfect. Alex Lucian gives readers one of the sexiest stories of the year with Tempting.
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17. Brando Part 1 & 2 by JD Hawkins Author

Set against the backdrop of the L.A. Music scene, Brando Nash is the kind of man who gets what he wants. What he wants is to make Haley Grace Cooke a star and maybe a little more. It is a fast paced read, that is funny, smart, and sexy. See what happens when these two collide.
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16. Marley by Lesley Jones Author

A spin-off novel of sorts, Marley is a book that actually made me like Carnage 1 & 2 more. It's Marley's story and offers so much more insight into the Rock and Roll lifestyle of Carnage and Marley's family life, that you are hooked on each page. It's raw and beautiful. I loved Marley even more after reading it.
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15. Before I Go by Colleen Oakley

You would think a book about a young woman dealing with her mortality after her cancer reruns would be utterly devastating to read but it isn't. Daisy's concern of finding the perfect person to take care of her husband Jack after she's gone is what makes this story unique. Join Daisy as she searches for a woman who will love Jack as much as she does.
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14. The Strand Brothers Series by Author Lora Ann

The Strand Brothers Series is a fantastic dark erotic thriller that revolves around the gorgeous and alpha Strand brothers, Nik, Even, and Alex, and the women who enter their lives. While each book focuses on a brother there is a story line that ties together all the books. This series also has one of the most dark and twisted characters I've read.
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13. Metal & Lace by Lena Black
It really doesn't get more sex, drugs and Rock n' Roll than Gunnar Haze. He is pure and primal sex appeal that leaves fans swooning at every move, until he meets music journalist Lacey who isn't impressed with his rock star persona. I couldn't get enough of this book and and Gunnar.
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12. Fighting His Fire by Ann Lister

Sticking with a rock start theme, Fighting His Fire is a centers around two band mates, Dante and Ashton. When their animosity towards each other threatens the band they are forced to work out their issues which turns out to recap feelings both want to forget. Ann Lister's sixth book in a M/M stand alone series is sexy, hot, and emotional. It will make you want to read the other books in the series.
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11. Breaking a Legend by Sarah Robinson

Rory Kavanagh is a former MMA fighter trying to come to grips with an injury that has sidelined him from the sport he loves. Despite coming from a close knit gregarious family, he prefers spending time on his own till he meets Claire, the new girl in town. As the pieces to help each other out, Rory and Claire start a friendship that may lead to more. When secrets are revealed they will both have to learn to fight for what they want. I can't wait to read the rest of the books in this series when they come out.
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10. Tyed by L J Shen
L J Shen hit it out of the park with her debut novel. Good girl Blaire is a spunky young college student working on her last assignment and has to go to a gym and learn all about MMA. When she encounters bad boy Ty, all bets are off. I loved Blaire. She is a girl you want to hang out and be best friends with. Tyed is funny and smart, mixed with some serious hot scenes, creating a story you don't want to miss.
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9. Gus by Kim Holden

Gus is a brilliant sequel to Kim Holden beautifully written Bright Side. Gus' journey after losing his other half and best friend is so well done that after your finished you'll be hugging this book close to your heart.
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8. A Condo With Two Views by Author Al Daltrey

A Condo With Two Views by Al Daltrey is officially one of my favorite D/s books ever. Chloe and Jack's story of their relationship told through their alternating point of views is fantastic. Even though it's one of the most erotic stories I've read, what makes this one of the best books of the year is the relationship and love between Chloe and Jack.
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7. Priest by Sierra Simone 

I can officially say I've read a book that made me feel like I had to go to confession after I read it. Where do I even begin about Father Bell, a priest who faces his ultimate temptation when Poppy steps into his confessional. The build up and anticipation makes for a unlikely love story that will keep you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next.
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6. 120 Days... By M. Stratton - Author
I can honestly say that I don't remember reading a book that had me reaching for a Kleenex in the first few pages of the book. M. Stratton's 120 Days is a powerful and poignant tale about a man learning to live from the people who have so little time around him. It's a beautiful love story in a setting that shows you no matter what life throws at you, you should laugh, love and live life to the fullest.
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5. The Selected Sinners Series (Books 1-6) by Scott Hildreth

I loved each and every book in Scott's Hildreth's Selected Sinners MC series would not be enough. Kicking off with Making the Cut to the most recent Money Shot, each book in this stand alone series just gets better and better. With characters like Axton, Toad, Otis, Biscuit (my personal favorite), Jackson, and Vince you can't help but love them. This series also has strong, fierce women that you want to hang out with. The Selected Sinners MC series is smart, witty, full of charm, humor, and beyond hot. Making it my favorite MC series ever.
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4. Lucky Numbers by G.G.Carver

An amazing contemporary romance, Lucky Numbers by G.G. Carver is a book that I easily fell in love with. It's also a book that left me completely shocked by its twists. Usually I can figure things out, but Lucky Numbers took me by surprise.
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4. Chipped Black Nail Polish by Nicholas Tanek

If there is a book the perfectly gets how it is to be a teenager finding yourself, it's Chipped Black Nail Polish. Set the summer before high school in 1989, Nicholas meets cool girl Kim. Over the summer with the help of Kim and her friends, Nicholas finds himself and learns that it's okay to be yourself. Wonderfully written, Chipped Black Nail Polish is a smart and funny book about those early awkward teenage years.
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3. My Perfect Imperfections by Jalpa Williby Author
My Perfect Imperfections is an outstanding book. Lily Cooper has cerebral palsy but she doesn't let that define. She is smart, strong, and beautiful. As you're reading you forget at times that she's confined to a wheel chair and unable to talk. She is a character that lives life to the fullest. I'm still completely enamored by the beauty in this book. Jalpa Williby truly does a marvelous job with this Lily's story.
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2. The Summer Remains by Seth King

Sometimes you come across a book that makes you want to go to the top of the tallest building and shout to the world, "Read This Book." But at the same time I wanted to keep it to myself. Like the cool new band you just discovered. This is how I feel about The Summer Remains. Truthfully I thought for sure this was going to be my No. 1 book of the year. It's a gorgeous love story set against a glorious summer in Florida. Summer and Cooper are two people you want to read a love story about. I could go on and on about this book, but just pick up a copy and read it. Trust me on this one.
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1. Invincible Summer by Seth King

I honestly didn't think it would be possible to beat a book like The Summer Remains, but Seth King wrote Invincible Summer and changed the game yet again. Cooper and Summer are for me in the lexicon of the ultimate love stories. This is the love you think about and want. It transcends everything. It's a stunning story. It is the kind of book that changes you. It changes your mind, heart, and soul for the better. In short, Invincible Summer is a masterpiece
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