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Author Spotlight: ShaeLee Tanner

In today's Jazzy World of E's Bookshelf Author Spotlight, I'm excited to introduce to you, ShaeLee Tanner. Tanner is a new erotic author who has realesed short stories that feature her own sexual fantasies. Something she discuses more in my interview with her. 2015 is gearing up to be a busy year for Tanner. She is planning to release a couple full length novels and some novellas. Tanner is also planning to start working on a series.  The Jazzy World of E's Bookshelf is proud to present to you, ShaeLee Tanner.

ShaeLee Tanner's Biography

ShaeLee Tanner is a new erotic author currently sharing her own personal sexual fantasies, the ones she has found herself returning to time and time again. She holds nothing back. Every scene that plays out in her mind is brought to life with explicit, delicious detail. She believes that there are no boundaries or barriers when it comes to fantasizing and knows her readers will either relate to the fantasy or the fantasy will open minds to new possibilities. With a range from having her first F/F experience to her fantasy about a beautiful hermaphrodite, there’s something to satisfy a variety of desires and curiosities. Along with amazing sex scenes, you will find out a lot about who ShaeLee is as a person. She puts her heart and her belief of respect, trust, and love into every story.

ShaeLee is looking forward to a busy year. In addition to fantasies, she will be publishing two full-length novels, a few novellas, and beginning a series...all while dreaming of days when she can wear nothing at all to work and write her way into her readers hearts.

An Interview with ShaeLee Tanner

Thank you for taking the time to interview ShaeLee. You’re a new erotic author, was writing something you always did, or was it something you recently started?

I’ve always used writing as a release, a way to get things out that were on my mind that I felt I couldn’t share with anyone else. As a teenager, I used poetry to express a different love and a different heartbreak every week or so. That release moved into journal entries when, as an adult, the relationships I have been in weren’t ideal. The writing was therapeutic and helped me through difficult times that I didn’t want my friends or family to know I was going through. I look back at things I’ve written from time to time and I’m proud of how I’ve grown as a person because of where I’ve been.

Publishing is something I recently started. I shared fantasies and stories on a free site for about a year before I began publishing in September of last year.

You’ve said you like to write and share your fantasies, were you nervous having readers read your first story?

No, I was more nervous about not having readers to read my first story. The anonymity of posting to the public makes it easier to put stories out with a lot of confidence. When it came to a point where I felt like I should share what I was doing with my family, now that’s when I was nervous!

Your stories cover a wide range of topics from F/F,  to menage a trois, and a beautiful hermaphrodite, do you have a personal favorite?

I do. While each one is a favorite for a different reason, Secret Treasure is my top personal favorite. This story provokes a lot of thought and a lot of new fantasies. I love cock and being bi-curious it seems to fulfill so many facets of sexuality. Going beyond the sexuality, it shows acceptance for something that’s not considered normal but is absolutely natural. It allows Ciera, the beautiful hermaphrodite, to see that there are people who will accept and appreciate her exactly how she is, after she’s spent her life avoiding intimacy because she feels she’s flawed. Normal is a word that seems so overrated and overused. Who decides what ‘normal’ is?

In addition to the fantasy stories, you’re planning to release to full length novels, what can you tell us about those?

Dances in Erotica is about an ex-stripper and her husband meeting a single woman on a camping trip and sharing something special. They stay in touch and continue enjoying each other’s company until the friend meets a man and now they have to decide if he’ll fit in, or end what they have now. They all end up getting together and find the magic joys of multiple partners.

Swingville is about a single woman beginning a new life after divorce. She moves to a new town called Swingville. Her real estate agent befriends her and after a night of drinking too much wine, they end up getting into things she wouldn’t normally consider doing. The agent, Tracy, takes her under her wing and introduces her to the town. She finds there is more behind the name of the town than she originally thought when she soon discovers a close knit community of fun loving swinging residents.

I have several more that I’m currently editing, they’ll be ready soon for publishing.

I also saw that you have plans to start a series as well, do you have an idea of how many books it will be or are you going to see where the story takes you?

The series is called A Life Moves In and is about and an older and younger woman becoming lovers and the results of making that choice. I would consider it a lesbian soap opera, if anything. I am working on the idea that it’ll run about 100 chapters or so and chronicles their lives and that of their friends and family also. Not sure yet how it’ll all end, or if it ends up as a continuing saga, so we’ll have to see what readers think of it to go beyond where it’s gone so far. I’m thinking of combining chapters into segments, so readers have a lot of story to read in each installment I put out.

You’ve mentioned that each story you’ve written has revealed who you are as a person. Do you feel readers are able to connect with you and your stories more because of that?

I do feel readers are able to connect more because I share something that is real, something that every person has...sexual fantasies. At the beginning of each fantasy, in the preface, I explain how the fantasy came about. Fantasies can come from anywhere, at any moment and should always be enjoyed, not pushed to the back of our minds.

Along with the fantasies, the stories all keep a high amount of respect, trust and love. I believe these are the foundation of any relationship and that shows throughout everything I share. Entwined in each is a life lesson that I’ve learned along the way and know others will be able to either relate to or learn from.

What has been your favorite part of being a new author?

The learning process. I have learned so much these past few months and I haven’t even scratched the surface of everything I’d like to know. I have gained so much respect for all artists that put forth the effort it takes to get their work out there. As a reader, you don’t think about the time and trials an author goes through just to get a story to you. There are ups and downs and struggles and challenges that I never knew existed. There’s so much beyond the writing that goes into putting your work out there, all while hoping that someone really enjoys the end result as much as you enjoyed the journey of creating it.

Are they any authors or stories who have influenced your work?

I’m an avid reader, or was and would like to get back to reading more at some point in the near future. While there are so many authors whose works have inspired me and have shown that there is a demand in the market for good erotica, I don’t think I’ve been influenced. My style is my own and it’s unlike any other I’ve ever read.

In 10 words or less, can you tell readers who are new to you why they should read your books?

Stay for the story, cum for the smoking hot sex!

What do you hope readers take away from your stories?

Opening your mind and allowing it to go where it wants to go, pushing boundaries and breaking barriers, even if it’s only in your fantasies, can bring about a whole new world of exploration that you may have never known existed. We set our own limits and by looking beyond those that have been set, you can and will find where you want your sexual self to go and the possibilities of fitting that into your real life.

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans and/or readers new to you?

I’m looking forward to where this new journey will take me. Without you, the fans and the new readers, it won’t take me very far. I enjoy hearing that you’ve read something that has resonated with something inside of you, that something I’ve shared has sparked an interest in you, or just that you either did or didn’t enjoy a particular story and why. My contact information is out there for contact me. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Books by ShaeLee Tanner

 Pierced With Passion 

ShaeLee’s waiting to get her next piercing, Kelly is recently divorced and wants to express her newfound freedom with her first tattoo and maybe a navel piercing, but she’s a little nervous when she walks into the parlor. Shae’s openness about her tattoos and piercings has them bonding as friends and sharing the experience.

One thing leads to another and the two end up naked and exploring each other and a new world of Sapphic loving.

As barriers and boundaries are dropped, the passion and pleasures of lesbian love satisfies them both in ways they never imagined before.

 Bound for Desire

We can all find a different side to ourselves when a situation or opportunity presents itself.

When ShaeLee meets a woman named Becky who wants her to be her partner in a Shibari class and tie her up using the ancient Japanese artistic form of rope bondage, she makes the decision to step outside her comfort zone and explore the new experience with her. Little did she know how it would change her life and the way she looked at love and relationships, or how allowing Becky to connect with her submissive side would give her the strength to stand up to her dismissive husband and become who she really wants to be.

Not everyone wants to give up their control, but some can't be who they truly are until they do. Read an awakening of body and mind and the acceptance of something out of the norm, as ShaeLee and Becky are bound by more than ropes and in ways neither knew were possible. (free with Kindle Unlimited)

Secret Treasure  
 Nature doesn't always follow the same recipe when it makes us. Sometimes it adds a little something, or takes away a little something.

In this story, nature added and created a gift of someone beautiful and a treasure to behold.

Ciera Moore is a beautiful girl with a deep secret that she feels threatens the quality of her life. When she opens up to ShaeLee and shares her secret for the first time she finds that her differences are not only accepted, they are truly treasured with the right person. and


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