Thursday, January 1, 2015

E's Favorite Books of 2014: #3 The Syrian Virgin by Zack Love


nissa is traumatized by the most brutal conflict of the 21st Century: the Syrian Civil War. In 2012, Islamists in Homs terrorize a Syrian-Christian community and destroy everything that a young woman holds dear. Narrowly escaping death, Anissa restarts her devastated life as a college student in NY. She is bewildered and lost -- a virgin in every sense.

But despite her inexperience with men and life in the United States, Anissa is quickly drawn to two powerful individuals: Michael Kassab, the Syrian-American leader working to found the first Mideast Christian state, and Julien Morales, her Columbia University professor who runs a $20 billion hedge fund.

Complicating matters, Michael is still attached to his ex-girlfriend and Julien is the most sought after bachelor in Manhattan (and has hidden demons even his therapist can't extract). Anissa's heart and her communal ties pull her in different directions, as she seeks hope and renewal in a dark world.

Mini Review
The Syrian Virgin by Zack Love is a book that is going to stay with me. It is a brilliantly written contemporary romance set against the Syrian War, a subject you wouldn't normally find in a book. He takes you on Anissa's journey from tragedy to the promise of hope as she enters college. She meets two men who will change her life. What I love about this story is that it has great characters that you can't help but get invested in. The Syrian Virgin is a fantastic story that is a must read. I'm looking forward to reading the second book in this series and see what's next for Anissa.

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