Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Author Spotlight: Dillion Kane

Today's Jazzy World of Es' Bookshelf Author Spotlight is on new author Dillion Kane. Kane just released his debut novel,  Nothing More on April 17. Nothing More tells the story of Contessa Martin and Dixon Kelly, two people brought together by unique circumstances. What unfolds is a sexy story with a few twists.  In my interview with Kane,  we find out the inspiration for the story and what we can except to see from him next. It is my pleasure to present to you, Dillion Kane

Dillion Kane's Biography
Dillion Kane is a 36-year-old male author hailing from Kentucky, USA. Besides owning his own successful business he has written several books and finally decided to give publishing a try with Nothing More. Dillion is single, having been previously been married at a young age. He enjoys the outdoors; riding horses (he has competed in several rodeos), as well as reading and writing. He has 2 brothers, Dean and Daniel who help him in taking care of their mother, because their father passed away a few years ago. As an animal lover Dillion has horses, cows, chickens, and 4 dogs. Above all Dillion loves to write and support other Indie authors

An Interview with Dillion Kane

Hi Dillion, thanks for taking the time to interview. You just released your first novel, Nothing More, how does it to feel to finally have it out and in readers hands? 

It feels awesome to finally have Nothing More out.

Where did the story idea for Nothing More come from? 

Nothing More is based on real life and fiction. Some of the story is about my life. I have enjoyed hearing from the readers that ask me about the certain scenes if they are real or not. grins

I’ve read that you written other books but didn’t decided to publish till Nothing More. What was it about this story in particular that made you decide to publish it? 
Yes I have written in the past. What made me publish this book was the Character Contessa she is a mystery and her story will shock many...

Do you have a particular part of the story that you loved writing the most?

My favorite part would be when Dixon and Contessa are in the kitchen. He discovers all of the scars on her side. The scene was one of my favorites to write.

What can readers expect to see from you next? 

I have Book two which I hope to release soon. The title of the book will be Nothing's Free. I will also write about another character from the book later.

In addition to being an author you also run your own successful business, how is it balancing the two? It can be stressful. I usually write at night I have an office at my home to do my writing. I keep business and writing separate from each other.

What has been your favorite part of being an author?

Being able to create a story for everyone to read. The readers and fans have been wonderful. I appreciate the support.

Who are some of your favorite authors?
James Patterson and Stephen King are my two favorites

In 10 words or less, can you tell readers why they should read Nothing More?
Great story, Hot Sex, Suspense, with a little twist at the end.

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans and/or readers new to you?
To always believe in yourself and follow your dreams. We live once make it count. Thank you for all the support and hard work you have given me. 

Nothing More

Contessa Martin is 28 years old and never thought she would be in a strange place. She has worked hard all her life and never took any crap from anyone. When she finds herself running from the most unlikely person, she ends up in the last place she could have dreamed, but it will keep her safe, or will it?

Dixon Kelly is loved by everyone including his animals. He’s 36 years old and up until now he thought he had everything he wanted, a good career, beautiful ranch, and peace. That all changed in one night when his life is invaded by the mysterious beautiful Contessa. Now he’s questioning whether or not something is missing from his life, like a companion.

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