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Author Spotlight: Chantal Bellehumeur

The Author Spotlight is shinning on Chantal Bellehumeur today. Bellehumeur is the author of 10 books ranging from fiction, horror, short stories and a memoir about motherhood. She began writing five years ago when she had some spare time. Now Bellehumeur's work is available on Amazon and her short stories can be found in the Suburban's Online Magazine. She recently released two more memoirs which she discusses in my interview with her. I'm happy to introduce to you, today's Author Spotlight, Chantal Bellehumeur.

Chantal Bellehumeur's Biography

"I always loved to write.  As a child, I would staple pieces of papers together to make little books.  In my teenage years, I started working on short stories and novels but never finished anything.  I also started a movie script with my sister, which never got finished either.
I never actually thought about publishing anything until a friend of mine told me I should.  This was after completing my first novella "Veronica's Soap Opera Life" in 2009.
Before that, I was more interested in acting. I performed in a couple of amateur stage shows and joined a Youth run Theatre Company. I was also an extra in a few commercials, TV shows and movies.
My love for acting soon got replaced with the love for my son. I made him my number one priority.
I found it easier to write on my spare time than to work around other people's schedules to act. I discovered that I had to use some of my acting training to write since I had to put myself in the shoes of the characters I created.
I can't stop thinking of story ideas and am often in my own little world now.  Some people think I am weird, and I take it as a compliment.  I would hate to be normal."

An Interview with Chantal Bellehumeur

You wrote your first novella, Veronica’s Soap Opera Life, since then you have released 10 other books and published short stories in an online magazine, how has your writing style evolved over the last five years?

I think everything flows a lot better now than it did back when I published my first book in 2009.

Prior to writing you were interested in acting and afterwards when you started writing you used some of your acting skills to help write the characters in your stories, do you find that you’re able to get immersed in to the characters more using those skill making it easier to write for you?

Yes. I pretend to be the characters I create and ask myself how they would act or think just like when I use to portray characters as an actress.

Writing was something that you always loved doing. I read that a friend suggested you start publishing your work. What was different about writing Veronica’s Soap Opera Life that pushed you do go forward with publishing?

I mainly kept quit about my writing before. When I told my friend I had written a novella, she asked me why I didn't try publishing it and it made me ask myself the same thing.

You’re a writer that writes a few different genres ( fiction, horror) how important is it to you creatively go outside the box and chose different genres to write about?

It it very important to me to be able to write whatever pops up in my mind at any given time. I don't like to be confined.

In addition to writing short stories and fiction, you’ve also written a memoir, My Memoir of Motherhood, was it easy to transition into writing a book about yourself, or was it difficult switching over after writing fiction?

It was surprisingly difficult. Although a lot of my works of fiction are based on reality, I can change things as I see fit. When it comes to writing a memoir, I had to stick to facts only. Luckily, I kept a pregnancy journal as well as a baby book and several scrapbooks so I was able to use them as references. I had forgotten a lot of things I thought I would never forget.

( By the way, I wrote two new memoirs recently which can be found in the anthology It's About Living. It's already at number 3 on the bestseller list. You can download a FREE copy on Smashwords with coupon code VR93H until October 5. here is the link: )

When you started writing and publishing five years ago, did you think or hope you would be where you’re at now as a writer?

I never thought about it. I was just content with seeing my book in print at the time. I write as a hobby, but am glad to be where I am now. I like the recognition I am getting for my work and it makes me happy to have readers other than my friends and family. I am thrilled when small publishing companies contact me to submit my work; I am even happier when my work gets approved for publication.

What has been your favorite part of writing and publishing your books?

Seeing my stories grow from a simple idea, and then holding my published book or seeing one of my stories online.

Who are some of your favorite authors that have inspired you over the years?

I have always been a big fan of Stephen King, and I read some good inspirational quotes from him over the years.

Indie authors in general inspired me as well. I have discovered many talented writers by joining literary groups and have learned so much. I try to share my knowledge with other authors when I get asked advise.

In 10 words or less can you tell readers why they should read your books?

I have written something for everyone's reading tastes, so you are bound to like at least ONE of my books. I've been getting positive feedback and reviews so I can't be all that bad. ;)

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans and/or readers who are new to your work?

To my fans, thanks for your support and to those who have posted reviews.

To new readers, I hope you will give at least one of my books a chance, and take the time to post a review if you enjoyed it to show your appreciation.

Books by Chantal Bellehumeur

Fictional diaries:

Veronica's Soap Opera Life (2009)

Veronica's Attempt at Romance (2009)

Veronica's Happily Ever After (2010)

Horror novel:

Just.Another.Common.Killer (2010)

Just.Another.Common.Killer-Special Edition with short story Mary Kelly's Diary (2014)

 Thirteen-A Compilation of Short Stories (2011)

  Hope (2011)

Fantasy novel:

Sdrawkcab (2012)

Not Alone (2014) 

Emily-A Compilation of Short Stories ( 2014)

My Memoir of Motherhood (2014)

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