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Author Spotlight: Alexis Riddley

The Jazzy World of E's Bookshelf Author Spotlight is shinning on new author, Alexis Riddley. Riddley just released her debut novel, Enough Secrets. a dark erotic story in April. Today, you'll get to meet and learn more about Riddley, her book, as well as get a little hint into her current work in progress in my interview with her. The time has come to officially introduce Alexis Riddley, today's Author Spotlight.

Alexis Riddley's Biography
Alexis Riddley spends her day’s knee deep in the grind of corporate America, but her love of reading is what pushed her to put pen to paper. Bringing to life the stories that once existed only in her head. Alexis loves the outdoors, adventures, and music. Oftentimes music is the catalyst or the trigger for memories, and emotions that she uses in her writing. Alexis rarely watches television, but is a total comic book freak, superheroes, the whole lot of them. She is obsessed. Alexis is willing to try anything, at least once, as long as it keeps the soul free and the mind open. She is a kid at heart who refuses to let age define her and limitations contain her. Alexis is a romantic, with a twisted mind and sexy imagination. She still believes that happy endings exist, just that sometimes they do not come in the pretty packaging you may have expected.

An Interview with Alexis Riddley

Hi Alexis, thanks for taking the time to interview. You just released your debut novel, Enough Secrets in April. How does it feel to finally have it out and in readers hands?
Nervous.  I would be lying if I said anything other than that.  I feel like I have just handed my baby off to the world to be judged.  Seriously, I love that the readers are getting the chance to peek into the lives of Winston, Charlie and Aiden.  They are an interesting trio, lol.

Enough Secrets is a dark erotic story  centered around secrets and finally letting them come to light. What was the inspiration for this story?
Inspiration is a funny thing.  I found inspiration in past experiences,  Music was a huge inspiration.  I love all kinds of music and one song inparticular Snuff by Slipknot; I just listened to that song over and over and was blown away by the message - what happened if everything you had become was a reflection of how someone else saw you? Who would you be then; would you even exist?  Would you cease to be?   So here is this image, persona, that people display but when you peel back the layers what's at their core is unrecognizable.  It’s the idea that you know someone, but have absolutely no clue “who” they are.  People fill in the blanks, see what they want to see and I thought...what would happen to a couple if everything was exposed?  What if the raw nerve was right there in the open?  How would you handle it, what would you do...and when all the cards were on the table how the hell do you pick up the pieces and move on.  I have a very active imagination ;)

Up front you say that Enough Secrets is not a HEA story, which I like. Did you always know you wanted to write a book that didn’t end happily or did it happen organically as you were writing the story?
This is going to sound cheesy but I totally did not plan the ending as it played out.  I will not spoil it for anyone, but I knew it was not going to be a traditional HEA.  It was totally organic, I was driving in my car and Winston was just running laps through my brain...and I was like man I need a minute to think and then BAM...the ending was right in front of me.  I totally shouted in the car “oh s*&t that is perfect!” I know we all want the HEA, but what's one persons fairytale is another person nightmare.  So I guess HEA is in the eye of the beholder.  

Between your  characters Charlotte, Winston, and Aiden, do you have a favorite?
This is not a fair question.  I plead the 5th. If I had to chose I would pick Aiden; I know he is not the obvious choice and I don’t want to give too much of the story / dynamic away for those who haven’t read it.   I side with him because he went for it.  Threw caution to the wind, hard as he could he went for what he wanted.  He is courageous, undeterred and even ruthless. That kind of determination and resolve most of us never have the guts to try.  

Can you tell us anything about your current WIP?
I can tell you a tinsy tiny bit.  LOL.  I am currently working on the follow up to Enough Secrets.  I really had no intention of writing a second book, I was happy with how Enough Secrets the time.  But as soon as I hit publish I had this nagging feeling that too much was left on the table.  And then the readers started asking for more…and I felt the story deserved to be explored.  I am not sure when the sequel will publish, hopefully this summer.  Right now I am just taking it slow, and seeing where the characters take me.  It’s a journey.

What would you has been your favorite part of writing and publishing your work?
Favorite part so far has been the feedback from the readers.  The writing process was an amazing experience. I totally went into it with zero preconceived ideas. I didn’t know what to expect and I have been totally blown away by the reviews and excitement the readers are showing for the story of Winston, Charlie and Aiden.  This story is no fairytale, but life isn’t a fairytale.  Love is real, it can be ugly and gritty. It has blown me away the way people are responding to it. Absolutely, hands down, in love with the readers.

Who are some of your favorite authors?
Oh my this is really hard...Jen Lassalle Edwards, Al Daltrey, GG Carver, Ella Frank, JR Ward, Emily Snow and Stephen King.  I know I am missing a ton but those are the ones that pop into my head first.

What do you hope readers take away from your story?
Truth.  Be true to yourself, don’t let another person be it a spouse, family member, co-worker, boss, whoever tell you who you are.  It’s your life, your time be true to that and I honestly think you will never be disappointed.  If you mess up...own it, if you proud.  Never succumb to anothers you!

In 10 words or less can you tell readers why they should read Enough Secrets?
Why’s new, fresh, like no book out there.

Is there anything else you would to say to your fans and/or readers new to you?
Thank you...for reading, for writing reviews and giving these characters a chance to show you who they are.  You all rock my world, no words are enough to show my gratitude. 

Books by Alexis Riddley

What if everything you had come to know about your life was a lie, complete and total fiction? Charlotte West had everything she ever wanted: The house, the status and the perfect husband in Winston.  But that’s the trouble with appearances; they can be deceiving.  Charlotte’s life had become a tangled web of ecstasy, rules, punishment and unparalleled pleasure at the hands of Winston, and his business partner, Aiden.

Charlotte never expected Winston was harboring secrets deeper than her own. She was clan-destined to lock more away into her vault of lies in order to portray the flawless illusion that the outside world has come to expect.

On an ordinary day of no significance, Charlotte made a conscious decision to let go of the chains that were binding her together and prepared to unleash the carnage that was her soul onto the world. She no longer felt the need to please Winston, nor Aiden. She was prepared to deal with her decision. For the first time, she was going to be true to herself, and she was terrified.

But when the cover is pulled back and decades of lies, lust and deceit are exposed; the question is, who would Charlotte be when everything was exposed?  Would she come out on the other side as she had hoped, would years of walking the razors edge leave her broken; or was she lost forever?

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