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Author Spotlight: J.D. Grayson

The Jazzy World of E's Bookshelf Author Spotlight happens to coincide with the Book of the Week. Today's Author Spotlight is on the Doctor of Erotica, J.D. Grayson. Grayson just released his newest book, The Step-Doctors. It is the first book in a new series from Grayson who has over 30 stories to his name since he released his first book back in 2012. We are going to learn more about Grayson and his books in today's spotlight and interview. It's a pleasure to introduce to you, The Jazzy World of E's Bookshelf Author Spotlight on J.D. Grayson.

J.D. Grayson's Biography
J.D. Grayson lives in the state of Florida, where the heat and sweat naturally lead him to write erotica. Preferring short erotica to long form, he tries to offer a burst of pleasure, while merging an interesting story with a few twists along the journey.

With every work, Grayson attempts to straddle the line of sensuality and kink, story and sex, as well as fantasy and reality. Although sex always leads the way, he strives to add imagination to every plot line, in addition to each sex act. Some stories are lighter in tone; others are darker, though he always aims for a tasteful presentation.

His ultimate goal is to add spice to the life of readers. In his daily conversations with "average couples," he discovered that the current state of sexuality is not in a good place. Somehow it’s been lost in maddening schedules, busy lives, and shamed stereotypes. Its importance and priority are pushed to the back burner, as a chore not a reliever.

If just one of his stories adds some lust to their love, then his mission is accomplished.

An Interview with J.D. Grayson
Hello JD, thanks for interviewing with me. You just released your new book, The Step-Doctors, what should readers expect from this new series?
This is the first ever step-brother book out on Amazon...not really. LOL  It takes the reader into a taboo love triangle between a stepdaughter/stepsister, stepfather and stepbrother.  Both men being doctors, they each face the taboo temptation of medically examining their step-kin.  By combining the step-family angle with the medical fetish, readers can expect a whole lot of risqué sex.

Since you released your first book in May 2012, there have been more than 30 stories you’ve written. In that time how do you feel you’ve evolved as an author?
I have grown more as a storyteller over that time.  When I started, the erotica genre mostly featured sex alone.  Although I always included a solid storyline and character, I would say I have expanded that area to equal the amount of sex.

A good amount of your books are set around the medical profession, what is it about that setting that inspires some of your stories?
As a fan of sexual powerplay, there is no where this is more on display than within a doctor/patient relationship.  If a doctor asks you to remove your clothes, you do it, knowing he has your best interest at heart.  Dragging that scenario into the world of fantasy, I pervert that “Grayson-style.”  Besides, what other profession allows a man to finger a woman and get away with it? ;)

You actually hold the record of the Book of the Week spotlights on this blog’s facebook page, which I think is testament to how much your fans enjoy your books. How does it feel to have such a strong fan base?
It is an honor to have such amazing supporters.  I am humbled with every book purchase made, contest vote cast, and kind word spoken.  I am equally as honored to have been Book of the Week on your excellent blog, The Jazzy World of E.

Of all the books that you’ve written do you have a personal favorite among them?
That is a tough one.  I love them all, but to single out a few, I will always love The Patient for being the book that started it all. The Hypnotist is a favorite because it was my first one to delve in the controversial taboos.  Another I will choose is The Colony, for its storytelling properties.  Last, but not least...Slaves & Breeders for being my first banned book on Amazon. (Cuz fuck em, that’s why!)

What has been your favorite part of writing and publishing your books?
Knowing how many readers I’ve turned on.  There is something very satisfying in knowing I have introduced people to new fantasies, enhanced sex lives, and in some cases...saved marriages.

Can you tell us anything about your current work in progress?
It is a sequel to the current release, The Step-Doctors, subtitled “Seeded by a Step.”  It continues the story of the Abel family.  You can probably guess where that is going… ;)

What would you hope readers take away from your books?
That it is ok to fantasize about whatever you want.  No one has the right to judge what goes on in the privacy of your mind or on the page of your favorite eBook.  

In 10 words or less can you tell readers who are new to you why they should read your books?
Edgy sex, shock value, good story and orgasmic fun

Who are some of your favorite authors?
Martin Dugard, Bill O'Reilly, and Jeff Shaara

Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans and/or readers new to you?
Buckle up and enjoy the ride. Better yet, unbuckle and enjoy the ride! ;)

Books by J.D. Grayson

The Step-Doctors:
 Darcy Smith enters her stepfather’s medical practice. Expecting to see the usual female physician, Dr. Sean Abel arrives instead. The 30 year-old stepbrother dares to break his father’s rule, forbidden from examining the girl. Thrust into a living-taboo, the step-doctor intimately explores the girl he was raised with.

Learning of the insubordination, Dr. Tim Abel disciplines his son. However, the stepfather questions his own hidden fantasies, enticing him to break his own rules. As Darcy comes to enjoy it, an unthinkable decision arises. Could she fall in love with her step-doctors? More importantly, could she actually choose between the two of them?

Warning: This 25,000 word story contains graphic language, erotic situations, sex, stepbrother romance, step love triangle, medical play, oral sex, anal sex, butt plugs, gagging, MRI bondage, domination, submission, humiliation, medical fetish, erotica, doctor patient sex, medical instruments, erotic romance and is a story for adults (18+)

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Your Friendly Neighborhood BDSM Club
After entering the local PTA meeting, Caroline Chase feels out of place. She finds an unwelcoming bunch of ladies, prim and proper in every manner. Owen Hayes, the dapper PTA president, presents the same air of perfection. Too good to be true, she knows the most polished people often hide the dirtiest secrets.

Intrigued by the group’s plastic facade, Caroline Chase returns again. It’s then, she finds a reality which only existed in her sexual fantasies. Challenged to submit, she’ll be forced to face questions of inner strength and willpower. However, Caroline will soon discover, she’s not the only one in need of an awakening.

Warning: This 32,000 word story contains graphic language, erotic situations, BDSM, spanking, bondage, medical fetish play, oral sex, anal sex, straight sex, female submission, F/F touching (short), exhibition, voyeurism, domination, submission, humiliation, erotic romance and is a story for adults (18+)

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The Pregnancy Trance

Amber Evans enters a hypnotherapist’s office seeking help. Unable to get pregnant, she’s desperate to find an answer. Eager to cure her, Bruce Carson examines her subconscious mind, treading a darker path than he expected to walk.

Fighting his own battle of darkness, Bruce hopes redemption lies in Amber’s cure. Though to heal her, he’ll have to survive the dangerous place it takes him. Obsessed with his mission, he’ll even risk his life to deliver the pregnancy trance.

Warning: This 27,000 word story contains graphic language, erotic situations, sadism, spanking/flogging, oral, straight and anal sex, medical fetish, breast milking, pregnancy, hypnotism, erotic asphyxiation, caning, exhibition, voyeurism, domination, submission, humiliation, erotic romance/suspense and is a story for adults (18+))

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Marriage Therapy: A Dom, A Sub & A Cuckold

Lori and Tyler Hale have a nice home, good jobs, and decent relationship. Though while Tyler is happy to forego bedroom matters, Lori desires a kinky edge. With no answer in sight, the couple turns to marriage therapy.

Recommended by a friend, Dr. Stone welcomes the couple into his office. The Hales soon discover their therapist’s unique way of treatment. Using the tools of sexual discipline, he pushes their marriage to the edge. Willing to risk their breaking, he challenges their sexual limits. Though the more he explores his female patient, the more he’s tempted to let them fail.

Warning: This 20,500 word story contains graphic language, erotic situations, cuckold, cream pie, oral sex, anal sex, straight sex, male and female submission, spanking, choking, exhibition, voyeurism, domination, submission, humiliation, erotic romance and is a story for adults (18+)

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Fantasy Factory
Vicky Lane’s sex life has hit a wall. Failing to spice things up with sexy outfits and toys, the luscious housewife threatens her husband with an affair. After he carelessly dares her to go forward, Vicky calls Gavin’s bluff. Raising the stakes, she lets her dark side shine.

She signs up for the fantasy factory, where fantasy becomes reality. Wanting to act out her darkest taboo, she signs her freedom away, putting it in the hands of unknown men. Taken at random, an edgy adventure follows suit. Vicky hopes to teach Gavin a lesson of her value, though by the end, the lesson will belong to them both.

The Fantasy Factory series will be an occasional series of non-sequential, “Paid for hire” role plays. They can be read in any order.
Warning: This 18,500 word story contains graphic language, erotic situations, edgy role play, medical exam, enema play, domination, submission, humiliation, (see my website for more), and is a story for adults (18+)

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Doctor Ménage

Returning to their hometown in style, Doctors Mason & Ross open a sexual medicine practice. Blessed with wealth and good-looks, the bachelors are desired by every female in the zip code. Since the girls can’t win the doctors’ hearts, they must settle for sexual treatment instead. 

Attending their high-school reunion, the doctors are approached by a face from their past. The popular and beautiful Kayla Carter seeks them out, hoping they’ll cure her sexual dysfunction. Agreeing to treat her, the two doctors make a deal to stimulate her body, but not their hearts. Of course, promises are easier to make than keep. 

Warning: This 17,000 word story contains graphic language, erotic situations, Ménage à trois, penetration, oral sex, straight sex, anal sex, MFM, medical fetish, doctor/patient sex, sexual use of medical tools, enema play, Sybian, exhibition, voyeurism, domination, submission, humiliation and is a story for adults (18+)

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The Hypnotist 

Hoping to cure his wife’s bedroom boredom, Sean Day hires a hypnotherapist to treat her. Though due to Misty’s prudish upbringing, the hypnotist must skirt the rules. He lies to her.

Under the guise of smoking addiction treatment, Misty is seduced into trance. The hypnotist intends to fix her intimacy issues. Though after exploring Misty’s dark mind, a deeper issue is revealed. Her words unlock the hypnotist’s own fetish, tempting him to break new ground. Pushed to the edge of submission, Mrs. Day will face her shameful secrets. The hypnotist will face his feelings for her.

Warning: This 22,000 word story contains graphic language, erotic situations, sex, masturbation, anal sex, threesome (mfm), oral sex, spanking, orgasm denial, exhibition, bondage, bdsm, domination, submission, humiliation, and is a story for adults (18+)

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The Patient: Physical (Part 1) 

Twenty-two year old, Rebecca Stone is a naïve girl with medical anxiety. Submissive in nature, she is prime meat in the hands of horny predators. Sensing her obvious weakness, her new boss demands a pre-employment physical. However, what she doesn’t know, is that the doctor is secretly working with him, exploiting timid girls like herself.

Rebecca must face her deep fear of doctors, pulled into a world of medical submission. Along the journey, she will discover the root of her feelings, and gain a newfound fetish in the process.

Warning: This 7000 word story contains graphic language, erotic situations, sex, oral sex, medical play, gagging, voyeurism, domination, submission, humiliation and is a story for adults (18+)

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The Colony Boxed Set 

The Colony: Arrival (Part I)
After years of marital heartache, Dylan & Alexa Hunter have lost the will to go on. After being approached by a mysterious man, they are offered a chance to start over in a utopian paradise. The word eternity is spoken, though left undefined.

On the island of Aionios, no fruit is forbidden, no pleasure denied. Accepting the tempting offer, the couple surrenders everything, including freewill itself. Though they’ll soon learn that even paradise has a dark side.

The Colony: Temptation (Part II)
Having been cleansed of their pasts, Dylan and Alexa join the colony. Made official members, they’re introduced to new rules, dark rituals, and sexual rights. Their biggest challenge comes in sharing each other.

Alexa discovers a mutual desire with the deity. Ready to start a new life, Dylan tries to relinquish his skeptical mind. Though after learning of his wife’s coming fate, he finds it’s harder than he thought.

The Colony: Prophecy (Part III)
Torn between colony commitments and his wife’s fate, Dylan Hunter must choose to ally with Eden or stay loyal to Aionios. Faced with dark questions, he must choose between his libido and his heart.

Alexa Hunter remains at the mercy of her deity, anxiously awaiting proof of conception. United in a common goal, one desires to create life, the other to destroy it. If the prophecy is fulfilled, it will serve them both.

The Colony: Addicts (Part IV-Finale)
On the verge of sacrifice, Eden is marched to her prophesied fate. Outnumbered inside the enemy’s temple, Dylan must break his wife’s Paradox haze and save his ally’s life. Unsure if he can accomplish one of those tasks, will he be forced to choose?

As the reaping nears its filthy fulfillment, Gunner must save his wife from Eden’s clutches. After an unexpected guest arrives, his plan of a suicide charge changes. A goal to save spouses turns to saving everyone. As the final hours tick, can they do it in time?

Warning: This story contains graphic language, BDSM, erotic situations, erotic fantasy, dark erotic fiction, sex, anal sex, oral sex, bondage, spanking, exhibition, double penetration (MFM), large group orgy, voyeurism, domination, submission, humiliation and is a story for adults (18+). Some acts in this story are for plot purposes only, not erotic intentions.

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Teaching Emma Boxed Set 


Teaching Emma: Week One: A Contract of Submission
Emma Heart starts college with an unusual elective: Human Sexuality-Fetish and Lifestyles. She doesn’t know that her new teacher, Mr. Mark Ryan, is equally as unusual as the course.
The class begins with a surprise as Mr. Ryan hands out contracts of submission. By signing on the dotted line, they agree to become his subs, empowering him to teach them as a Dom. The lessons that follow thereafter will not be learned from a book, but from a body.

Teaching Emma: The Master/sub Experience (Part II)
Having faced week one, Emma anxiously awaits week two's adventures. However, if Emma's stepfather Ray and boyfriend Kyle get their way, she'll think twice before returning to partake in the lesson.
Having accepted Emma as his classroom sub, Professor Ryan begins to question his decision. Feeling stronger for his student than expected, he realizes only heartbreak can come from a six- week affair. The only choice is to hand her to another. The question is...can he?

Teaching Emma Week Three-Six: Freedom of Submission (Finale)
After Ray discovers the secret relationship, Emma and Mark are separated. Unable to accept such a punishment, the professor confronts his student’s guardian. The abusive man at home is offered a deal he can’t refuse. 

Forced to move their class to another location, the Doms and subs continue to receive lifestyle training. While acquiring many new sexual skills, they await completion of the six-week college course. If Emma and Mark can avoid prosecution before semester’s end, their love will endure. Though if Ray gets to them first, he’ll tear them apart forever.

Warning: This 40,000 word story contains erotic romance, graphic language, BDSM, erotic situations, sex, anal sex, oral sex, public gyno exam, bondage, spanking, exhibition, swinging, voyeurism, domination, submission, humiliation and is a story for adults (18+)

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