Thursday, May 14, 2015

New Release Alert: DEEP: A Captive Tale A Dark Erotic Novella by Sam J.D. Hunt

DEEP: A Captive Tale
A Dark Erotic Novella, 99 cents
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Also available in paperback

Thomas Hunt was cute, but Henry Morgan is deadly.  
Have you ever dreamed of being stolen away from it all?

DEEP: A Captive Tale
A dark erotic novella from Sam J.D. Hunt

A dark pirate seeking redemption,
A lady seeking a way out,
Two lovers from different worlds fall in DEEP.

Through space and time, a Master pirate, Henry Morgan, captures Charlotte Smith and teaches her release through submission; his darkly erotic sensuality sets her free in ways she never could have dreamed.

DEEP is a dark erotic novella of approximately 20,000 words. If you love capture stories, time travel, historical erotica, short reads, or explicitly sensual adventures, this is the story for you. Of course our hero and heroine find love, but they’ll have a hell of a ride on the way.

Charlotte dreams of a life in the Caribbean during the Golden Age of Piracy, but when Captain Henry Morgan captures her on the beach one morning, her dreams and the reality of life with her troubled husband merge, crossing over into a suspenseful erotic adventure that changes all of their lives.

Something different from Sam J.D. Hunt.

BDSM, explicit sex, intrigue and suspense, a short read, under a buck.
Contains: violence, deep throat, spanking, caning, rope bondage, group scenes, anal, oral, menage, HEA, time travel, historic.

About The Author

Sam J.D. Hunt authors her own fresh brand of erotica, filled with hot, steamy sex, plenty of humor, and refreshingly different characters that you will both relate to and fall in love with. Her first series, The Thomas Hunt Series, dabbles in mild BDSM role-play, following a young male submissive graduate student who falls in love with his very non-traditional Dominant, Samantha Drake. Their journey to happily ever after is complicated by her desire to maintain control even as his playful, energetic side challenges her desire for order. As Sam struggles to surrender control and Thomas discovers his own Dominant side, they are whisked into an adventure that takes them through unexpected twists and turns.

When the first series completes in late 2014, Hunt plans to pen an art-adventure series set in Cambridge, England. The second series will feature the wealthy art acquirer Ben Hunt, a kinky playboy who struggles to reform when he meets the unlikely love of his life, the simple American girl who falls into his life, Jane. Hunt also has a fighter pilot series in the works, which features a strong, curvy heroine in addition to an Alpha male man in uniform.

Hunt's writing always combines true love with laugh-out-loud funny scenes, authentic settings and culture, and explicit panty-soaking sex. Hunt also publishes Aunt Kitty's Prude's Erotica on her blog, You can find her on Facebook at, on twitter at @sjd_hunt, and on her Amazon author page at

Hunt is a frequent traveler and lover of art, literature, coffee, and wine. She calls Las Vegas home with her husband, the inspiration for the young Thomas Hunt, and two children.


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