Friday, December 26, 2014

E's Favorite Books of 2014: #11 Grinding in Greenville by V. Andrews, H. Harbour, M. Roberts (Boyfriend Bookstand)

 Grinding in Greenville 
by V. Andrews, H. Harbour, M. Roberts (Boyfriend Bookstand)

Victoria Andrews
Very Conservative
Life hasn’t turned out quite the way she wanted

Haylie Harbour
Soft with an indestructible core
Believes in Happily Ever After

Marley Roberts
Sexually driven free-spirit.
Three girls in college, who seem to have nothing in common, find friendship based on circumstance and their love of books. After college life takes them all in a new direction. Some directions are planned, others are not. Keeping their sister-like bond tight, they create the Boyfriend Bookstand Blog and continue to support each other through the good and difficult times of life – both real and fiction. Things get a little saucy when the girls decide to take a much needed weekend away to attend an author event in Greenville, North Carolina, especially with all the hot cover models there. Three long time friends, books and hot models. Saddle up girls and get ready to do some Grinding in Greenville.

Mini Review

Grinding in Greenville was one books I was really surprised about. When a book is titled Grinding in Greenville, you think it's going to be all about sex. It's not. Of course it does have a some really great sex scenes, but what made this book be on my favorites list was the relationship and back story to the three main characters Haley, Victoria, and Marley. I couldn't help but love all three.  They had a great dynamic and the dialogue between the three keeps you glued to this book. You want to know more about them and even hangout with them. Grinding in Greenville is a fun, sexy, entertaining read that you do not want to miss.

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