Monday, December 1, 2014

Review: The Missing Pieces by H.S. Strickland

Sloane Bennett:
I have a huge secret.
One that could change the lives of the people I love.
If they found out it would make them question everything.
So, what does that force me to do?
Lie. Lie my ass off. Every day, all day.
Then Ryan saunters in my life with a cocky smile and changes my outlook on life.
He's dangerous, I know, but I can't seem to stay away.
Which may cost me my family.

Ryan Huntley:
I like being the cocky guy.
I like to be the joker.
Why, you ask?
Because it conceals my pain.
Then Sloane sashays in my life with mysterious green eyes.
She makes me re-think everything.
She gives me hope and faith.
But she's hiding something and I am determined to find out what.
Which may cost me my life.


H.S. Strickland delivers a fantastic follow-up with her second book in the Intertwined Seduction Series, The Missing Pieces. Ryan and Sloane are two characters that have pasts and secrets. While they use that as a way to keep their lives as uncomplicated as possible when it comes to relationships, their rules are put to the test when they come together. What transpires is a story that has you intrigued from beginning to end. Sloane life is one big secret that when you find out what it is, it leaves you saying oh my gosh. Ryan deals with his pain but Sloan has the ability to change him. The story of these two is a definitely a must read. Will Sloane and Ryan be able to overcome their pasts? You will need to read The Missing Pieces to find out.

H.S. Strickland really delivers with The Missing Pieces. I really enjoyed the first book in the series, The Lucky Bullet, The Missing Pieces has a little something more that makes this a story you can't put down. I absolutely loved Sloane and Ryan. They are characters you want to have a HEA. They have a really good dynamic and had great chemistry. You want to know as much about them as possbile. I also liked how even though this is a stand alone series, you get an update on the characters from The Lucky Bullet. If you are looking for a story with mystery, intrigue, and romance. The Missing Pieces is the book for you.

5 stars

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