Sunday, December 28, 2014

E's Favorite Books of 2014: #8 Gavin McClain Stories/ Extra Curricular by Jake Malden

The Gavin McClain Stories Vol.1 & Extra Curricular
by Jake Malden

Meet Gavin McClain - businessman, seducer and rogue, a man who will do whatever it takes to enjoy the pleasure he craves. Suave, witty and diabolically attractive, he has a penchant for women to whom he has no right, along with the patience and cunning ultimately to have them. Follow his ruthless thrill-seeking through four delicious stories. In 'Career Move' he dangles a promotion before a young secretary, but at what price? In 'Amateur Night at the Blue Nile' a snooty socialite accompanies him to an exclusive club, unaware of the part she will be made to play in the venue's erotic cabaret. In 'Erica's Big Day' he uses a beautiful bride's guilty secret to turn her wedding celebrations into a raunchy nightmare. And in 'Twenty-One' a New York college student is given a coming-of-age party to remember when she tangles with a certain dark and mysterious Englishman. Gavin - will you love to hate him, or be wooed by his wicked charm?

Sixth-form student Christina is indulging in a harmless flirtation with Josh McClain, chef at the restaurant where she works evenings. But when Josh’s uncle Gavin meets her hot teacher Amanda, a wicked bet is made - which of the two women will be seduced first? The race is on – but even Josh has no idea how far the ride will take them all. Gavin’s devious twist to the situation will take them all to an evening of insane eroticism, where anything might – and will – happen. Taboos are about to be broken and major lessons learnt - in the art of unchained lust. Brace yourself for the most outrageous Gavin McClain story to date and be swept up in a torrent of extreme debauchery. These girls are going to get schooled.

Mini Review
Jake Malden's Gavin McClain stories were some of the books I couldn't get enough of this year. Gavin McClain is one character you can't help but love and hate at the same time. He's someone who always gets what he wants. What I love about these stories is each one is is just a bit more wicked than the next. Gavin McClain takes debauchery to the next level and you can't help but want more.

The newest story part of the Gavin McClain series, Extra Curricular is n a class of it's own. Gavin with the help of his nephew Josh set their eyes on  a teacher and her student that they can't help but want. What transpires is the best Gavin story yet and with the addition of Josh, I can't wait to see what Jake Malden writes next. If you're looking a for fun, sexy, wicked books that will make you blush a little look no further than the Gavin McClain stories. Jake Malden knows how to write hot, erotic stories you won't be able to put down.

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