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Author Spotlight: Samantha Fontien

Samantha Fontien, author of the Dragonflies series, How to Catch Butterflies, and the Wee Book of Nookie, is today's Jazzy World of E's Bookshelf's Author Spotlight.  Fontien released her first book back in 2013 and recently released the final book in the Dragonflies series, Cousins The Next Generation this past December.  Fontien mixes romance, humor and emotions, delivering stories that readers love. Her newest project is a spinoff of the Dragonflies series called, Wee Book of Nookie.  Fontien talks about her new series and more in the interview below.  I'm excited to introduce to you, Samantha Fontien, today's Author Spotlight.

 Samantha Fontien's Biography

I'm a Happily Married, MUM of 2. I LOVE Music...I should as I am the daughter of Musicians and was reared with a guitar in one hand and a pen in the other.

An Interview with Samantha Fontien 

Hi Samantha, Thank you for the interview. You released your first book, How to Catch Butterflies, almost two years ago, has your approach to writing changed from your first book to your sixth?
Oohh… Great starting question. I think I’m a little more disciplined, especially with my prep work. I like to plan, do outlines for the chapters, where as with my first I just wrote.

As for my writing style, I don’t think have changed. I still do my twists and turns. I have however cut down a bit on my descriptions of properties.

In december you released the third book in the Dragonflies series, Cousins - The Next Generation. What can you tell us about it?

It’s the conclusion to the Trilogy and the Saga that is the Peters Family. The Trilogy itself, is about Love, friendship and loyalty. which takes place over the three books.

You started a Dragonflies spinoff series, Wee Bookie of Nookie, What should readers expect from this new series?
These Novella’s are based on the ‘Wee Bookie’ Rubin Miller (Duncan’s best friend) always carried on him. It had women’s numbers from across the globe, he had enjoyed and of course would like to, once again...

Each stand alone Novella will be based on a woman or women seeing as we know that Rubin had a love of ménage à trios. and other things

The titles themselves, are very ‘tongue in cheek’, very much Rubin’s sense of humour. They won’t have the same story content like my other works.

They will have NO drama or heartbreak, as these will be quick naughty reads about his sexcapades as so to speak.

So far, I have four titles planned for the series.

They will contain lots of Mature Content as unfortunately, Rubin Miller is unable to keep it in his pants.

Of all the books you’ve written, do you have a favorite?
Yes… But that’s like asking which is my favourite child lol… I love each of them for different reasons, for the characters, chapter content. Some chapters I love with all my heart and soul, and I am extremely proud of how they turned out. Yes, my books are like babies to me.

Music plays a big part of your writing process. The chapters of your books are named after songs. When it comes to inspiration is it the song that inspire the writing? Or is it an idea that makes you think of a song that would go perfectly with that chapter?
Magic question and this one will probably be my longest answer as it involves one of my favourite subjects… Music!! LOL

Yes to both of those, but mainly more of ‘the song’ inspires me or rather the words or lyrics.

I have often been sitting in the car waiting for one of the children to come out from school and I would hear a song on the radio and for me, it’s like alarm bells going off in my head with situations or scenarios. I then jot down my notes with all the ideas. Without sounding silly or like a complete head-case, the music just sets something off in me. Ohh and yes I do take note of the songs too which is really important if you have two school pick-ups to do and then hearing about their day…. Yes, that will completely knock any notion of what the song title, or who the band was etc, etc out of you head…. Yeah I learned that one the hard way…. ALWAYS carry a notebook with you at all times ohh and a working pen or pens.

I do find music totally inspirational and I couldn’t live without it. But I think that is maybe because I have been conditioned by my parents who were both musicians and blessed me with their excellent, varied tastes in music.

For me, its the words. the lyrics, the emotions, I get truly lost in the scenes and it results in the chapters you read. I have actually set up the playlists on Spotify so the readers can enjoy the whole ‘reading experience’ fully for my books.

Your stories have multiple POVs, are certain characters easier to write than others?
I find all my characters pretty much easy to write, as I do profiles on all of them, even down to their tastes in music. I do however find some much easier (coughing ‘Rubin Miller’ cough, cough) than others They all have their own personalities and quirks.

To me, all of my characters are real… I’ve often had one of them badgering me to either change what I’ve written as they don’t like it… Or do something about it and make it quick lol.

What has been your favorite part of writing and publishing your books?
Ooohh another good question… With regards to the writing… I think when I laugh myself, whilst I’m typing something funny I’ve written, like a situation or a one liner. I do have favorite scenes that do make me giggle from each of my books.

As for my favourite part of the publishing side… It would have to be when a reader messages me, either while their reading or just after they have finished, and they are as caught up in my stories as I am.. I get excited too and love chatting about the books and answering any questions they may have as to how could I do certain things I done. (No Spoilers for you guys sorry lol)

It still amazes me to think, that ‘Little Ole Me’. actually published a book. It was a dream I never thought would ever come true, let alone someone actually read and love them.

The feeling you have, when someone becomes totally lost in your story, it’s almost euphoric, its quite fantastic really when you think about it..

What do you hope readers take away from your stories?
I hope they take the Love and think of their own bonds of friendship. So far, my books seem to revolve around friendships and loyalty. Being a friend to the end, above and beyond.

We all need somebody to lean on… And don’t be afraid to love with all your heart.

In 10 words or less, can you tell readers who are new to you why they should read your books?
This one really Challenged me… I could talk the legs off the back of a donkey, so ten words or less….


‘They are emotional rollercoasters with twists and turns and HEA’s’…. Yay!! 10 words exactly lol.

Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans and/or readers new to you?
I’m an English writer, my books are primarily based in London, although their is some international travel scattered throughout them.

My chaps tend to be Alpha Ceo types (even though four of them are ex special forces DF Trilogy.)

My females are strong, quirky women who have careers.

I love humour and use it as often as I can, so although you may shed a tear or two, some I promise will be caused by laugh out loud ones too.

All my characters have flaws, as nobodys perfect and sometimes you may want to scream at your kindle/reader or maybe even at me.

I have been known to kill people in my books too as I do write stories with Drama, Heartache and Mature content, intended for readers 18+. I have a few signings that I am attending this year and I have a pretty full calendar for next year too, so if you're at one, pop by and say hello.

 Books by Samantha Fontien

How to Catch Butterflies

For 7 years Career girl Rebecca Keane had been stuck in an abusive relationship with David Rosenberg. Until one night, fate intervenes enforcing the strong minded Lucy Watters her long lost best friend, back into her life.
Will David Rosenberg let her go?
Together the two friends will embark on a journey of self discovery. Can they learn to trust or love again? Or will career’s and life get in the way.
Can Rebecca and Lucy learn how to spread their wings and fly? Or will they fall into one of the men’s nets, and be caught forever?
Join these two London girls on their international journey of love in the first part of a series of Butterflies books, because ‘A Girl should be pretty to see but hard to catch’

How to Catch Butterflies (Book 2)

Did fate intervene again for Rebecca Keane and save her from being caught in a net forever? Will Jackson Harvey or Jason Hallow win the stubborn blonde back?
Since Lucy Watters life has changed too, will fate also have a hand in hers? Can Christopher Harper keep his Butterfly, or will George De Vere have his net ready to catch her when she falls?....
Together the two friends embark on the concluding part of their journey of self discovery. Have they learned to love or trust again? Or will life get in their way?
Can Rebecca and Lucy learn how to spread their wings and fly? Will they be pretty to see but hard to catch? Or will they fall into one of the men nets, and be caught forever?
Join these two Butterflies on the concluding part to their story. Follow them on their international journey of love, in the second part in a series of Butterflies books, because ‘Girls should be pretty to see but hard to catch’.

The Duncan Peters Files (Dragonflies Book 1)

From the Author of ‘How to catch Butterflies’ books 1 & 2 comes the first book in the Dragonflies Trilogy.
Be prepared to read a story that will stay with you for the rest of your life.
Duncan Peters is not your typical Alpha CEO, Playboy - He is a good man with a painful past. - Ex Military (SAS) now a Senior Partner at ‘Blackcard’.
He is a natural born tactician with a license to kill….
We also met his naughty best friend, Rubin Miller, who he meets one night at a rowdy University weekend bender.
That night a friendship was made, that would last a lifetime…
Rubin Miller is a ladies’ man, through and through, with an immense appetite for life. But most of all he is a man of honor. He too joins the military serving by his friends’ side, through thick and thin. There is nothing these two men have not shared, women included.
Can these wild men ever be tamed?
* This book contains Drama, Heartache and Mature content, intended for readers 18+ * 

 The Rizzo Protocol (Dragonflies Book 2)

Feisty Rizzo is an elite ex hacker who loves to play games.
Now she is a senior executive for ‘Blackcard’ and Duncan Peters ‘eyes in the sky’.
With the world at her finger tips, she had what she would call an ‘uncomplicated love life’.
But all of that is set to change...
. Will an old flame or a new love, make her rethink her decision of choosing a career, before matters of the heart?
Rizzo will have to make choices... Will she make the right ones?

* This book contains Drama, Heartache and Mature content, intended for readers 18+ *

 Cousins The Next Generations (Dragonflies Book 3)

Prepare for the end to the saga that is the ‘Peters family’…
Duncan Peters is not your typical Alpha CEO, Playboy.- He is a good man. - Ex Military (SAS) now a Senior Partner at ‘Blackcard’.
He is a natural born tactician with a license to kill….
Life has transformed quite considerably for Duncan Peters.
And change is very much in the cards for our hero...
We now find him out of his comfort zone, mentoring his two boys into men.
What will life have in store for the man who believes in taking Love, Friendship, Honour and Loyalty ‘above and beyond’...?
Can he deal with it all in his normal smooth fashion... or will life again deal him blows that he will never recover from?

This... IS the conclusion of  DRAGONFLIES Trilogy.

* This book contains Drama, Heartache and Mature content, intended for readers 18+ *

This is NOT a standalone book and it is strongly recommended to read books 1&2 of the trilogy.  

 Wee Bookie of Nookie

WARNING !! This work contains EXPLICIT SEX SCENES and is recommended for readers 18+

We take a look at Rubin Miller's infamous 'Wee Bookie of Nookie'
1995 was the year that Rubin Miller (DRAGONFLIES - The Duncan Peters Files.) meets Samantha Fontien, Author of the DRAGONFLIES Series and 'How to catch Butterflies'.

That night, Rubin left a lasting impression on Ms. Fontien... One she would write about... Well four dirty chapters at least...
WARNING !! This work contains EXPLICIT SEX SCENES and is recommended for readers 18+

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