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Author Spotlight: Khul Waters

The Jazzy World of E's Bookshelf Author Spotlight is on Erotic Romance author Khul Waters. Waters is the author behind the books, The Training of Kate, A Master's Dilemma, and the upcoming To Meet her Needs, to name a few.  He has written on and off for 45 years, but it wasn't until his late forties that he started to write more. He began writing short stories and poetry to capture the relationship in his life, a topic he discusses more in his interview below.  The subject of a dominant/submissive relationship is a focus in his writings, but not in the typical sense people think about. It's more about the loving relationship between the two. It's time to let the spotlight shine on Khul Waters.

Khul Waters' Biography

I am a 65­year­old Australian and was a high school teacher for most of my professional life. Born and raised in Sydney, I have taught in many places in eastern Australia. I have also taught in England and Hong Kong for extended periods of time.
I write in the genre of erotic romance in order to express the joy I find in life and in love. I began with short stories and poetry that mostly seemed to focus on one theme: the nature of love between men and women. Specifically, I am intrigued by the nature of Dom/submissive relationships. Not the stereotypical leather and whips type but the need for many men to take a dominating role in lovemaking and for many women to take a submissive role. My stories feature this pre­occupation and have been published by eXtasy Press.

An Interview with Khul Waters

You’ve spent a majority of you professional career as a teacher, was writing something that you always did in your free time or was it something that you started focusing on more recently?

I have been writing off and on for 45 years but with a rather long ‘off in the middle. I began by writing poetry, when I was a young and undoubtedly angsty in my late teens and, sadly, into my early twenties, but didn’t write any stories till I was in my late forties. This coincided with the end of my failing marriage. As a full time teacher I did not have a great deal of spare time so it was always a hobby rather than a full time occupation.

Your books explore dominant/submissive relationships, but not in the stereotypical way people think about. What is it about the subject that inspires you as an author?
First, I have this preoccupation because I came to realize that I AM a dominant or Dom. That is, when making love, I tend to take the leading role and control the experience for my partner and for her pleasure. This understanding about being a natural Dom did not come to me till I was in my late 40s. I have always been a person who thinks about who I am and what I am, even when I had little awareness of what a Dom and a sub were. I started to consider my natural reactions and look around me, especially online, to see who else was like me. I joined online worlds where Doms/subs and Masters/slaves were role played and I tested what I knew I was against what they role played. I realized that I was not the stereotypical Dom. This realization just helped me to refine my understanding of what I was. About this time I met a wonderful woman online, the Kate in my Journey Into Submission trilogy. She was a submissive. As our relationship grew online, I began to learn about and develop this Dom side of me. Later, when we began our life together, I developed this side of me even further.While I was exploring D/s online worlds, I started writing again, some poetry and some scenarios. These scenarios were not really even short stories, but situations in which a Dom and a sub interacted. Increasingly they were reflections of what Kate and I were sharing. The poems, also, were expressions of the relationship Kate and I shared. The poem below shows this relationship far better than my words now can do...
Our Love Is My Mantra

I am yours, my girl.

Humbly, freely, I do accept that honour

and accept the honour of your love,

given freely back to me.

I think we have always shared this love!

Through time’s twistings

it has been there –

two faces of one coin –

sometimes corporally split asunder,

but our one soul fused,

forever linked,

even when forever searching.

Time has taught me much,

but first and strongest

it has shown me that we are one...

were one...

will be one.

I love you my, girl.

Even back when I did not know you,

my part of our soul searched

for its completeness.

Now we are one,

I can love again –




I can love again –

with all that I was,

with all that I am, and

with all that I will become.

My girl, I am yours

Because, always, that is what I have been

and because, always, that is what I will be.

In this I have no power to say yea or nay.

I love you beyond reason.

I love you beyond passion.

I love you beyond will

for together we are

one destiny fulfilled.

While we were living our love in real life, I felt a strong need to express that story in an extended written form and so began to write a novel about the kind of love we shared. This story has been re-released recently as three novellas by eXtasy Books.  guess what I wanted to do was to show readers that Domination and submission is, or can be, lived by people like them, normal people living maybe in the home next door. I wanted to refute the image that it is something weirdos or mentally
unbalanced people do in seedy clubs or home dungeons by showing them a love story that was real and deeply intimate and mutually caring. So, I was inspired to write about loving D/s relationships because I was living one and wanted people to truly understand that this kind of a relationship is something to be sought after.

Your newest book, To Meet Her Needs, is coming out soon, what can you tell us about it?

To Meet Her Needs (TMHN) will be released by eXtasy Books on Sept. 15 somewhat different to Journey in that both leading characters are only minimally aware of D/s and how it will express itself in their relationship. Yet, there are many points of comparison as there are strong links to my real world life in this story as well: Mark like Miles is a teacher; both men are separated/divorced; both female leads are strong, intelligent women who are in close touch with their sensuality and sexuality; and the ocean/water is a major focus in their lives.

TMHN traces the life of Mark as he tries to deal with feelings of guilt over what he sees as his failure to be the husband you ought to have been. When he meets Ingrid, his natural tendencies to dominate are extended by Ingrid’s exploration of her submissive side. This mutual sharing of complementary sexual needs is seen in the excerpt below...

As she sat there on his shaking thighs, he used her fingers to make her arouse herself. She gasped as he closed them across the base of her most sensitive spot. Then she gasped again as he squeezed her fingers gently together. Her clitoris throbbed hard and the waves from this rippled up inside her. Ingrid’s eyes closed as she focused on what he was making her do to herself.

Slowly, he drew her orgasm upwards. Ingrid could feel her pulse fluttering in her stretched throat. She could feel her body pushing up and down onto her own fingers. Far away, she could hear the soft groans of a woman being tortured exquisitely and lovingly.

From deep inside herself she felt the unstoppable power of a flood tide rising and surging into every part of her nervous system. It came from so deep inside her that panic filled her and fled before it.

...her awareness of the world was lost in a surge of release. She was no longer sitting on her lover’s lap. She was no longer a person. She was inside herself. She was stroked from spasm to spasm. She became those spasms of release. She was pure joy surging inside herself.

To Meet Her Needs is going to be your fifth release; do you still get nervous releasing a new book?

Not really. I still get excited though. It is a long hard road from idea to publication with many difficult decisions to make about plot and characters and wording. When your creation is about to be released, for me it is a time of quiet excitement and pride because I have overcome all of the problems and obstacles.

In addition to writing books, you also write poetry as well. Do you prefer one to the other? Or do they both offer you inspiration when it comes to writing?

I love writing in both forms, but choose one or the other depending on what I am trying to achieve. Prose is wonderful for conveying width. It is excellent if I wish to describe the slow building up of, say, a loving relationship or the building of tension within a story. I can create complexity in my characters’ personalities because prose allows me the time to show many examples of how they react.
Poetry, however, allows me to distil the essence of a moment in time or of a feeling or of a thought process. Poetry, if I can successfully find the key words, allows me to give an intense insight into what I am writing about. Such insights can't easily be stretched over the 'wordiness' of prose without losing that intensity.

When you’re not writing, how to you like to spend your free time?

Laughs... “Free time? What is this thing of which you speak?” OK, well I do get some free time, I guess, but as a writer it isn’t a lot. I am fundamentally a family person. The people I love get what little spare time I have because they deserve this.

What has been your favorite part of writing and publishing books?

I would say the thing which I really appreciate about being a writer of stories and poetry is it allows me to chat with readers who love the stories I tell and the poems I write. I don’t mean by this last point ego. It’s just that we all have stories to tell about the ways we do lead or should lead our lives and live our love. When readers tell me that the lives of my characters arouse them or make them weepy or inspire them to alter their own lives, this is powerful validation of my decision to tell my stories about loving intimacy and D/s. This dialogue with readers is wonderful because they also talk about their own relationships and what makes them strong and enduring or what caused them to fracture and break up. As I mentioned previously, this thinking about who and what I am and assessing these things against what others are is a process I have been doing for many decades. Talking with readers is a great way to continue this process.

You have received some high praise for your writing, how do you feel about the
reception your books have received?

I am a story-teller. So, if my stories are liked and if the messages within those stories encourage people to live their lives more passionately and to strengthen their relationships, then I am very content. It is also gratifying if the story I have told is seen as being both well told and worth the telling.

In 10 words or less, tell readers why they should read your books.

Ordinary, flawed people share extraordinary loving D/s intimacy.

Is there anything you would like to tell your fans or readers new to you?

Go to the teaser page on my webpage and read some of the excerpts! There you will find samples of deep love and passion, of trust and intimacy, and of love being lived fully. I hope you feel aroused and moved and uplifted by my words there.

Books by Khul Waters

The Journey Into Submission Novellas
 Journey Into Submission # 1
Part 1: The Training of Kate 

Kate yearned for a man whose strength could ignite her softness, whose sexual needs could inflame her own to the depths she had experienced with her first lover, her teacher. When she began an online romance, she had no idea that Miles was this man. Yet, when their lives merged in the real world, Kate was thrown into a whirlpool of loving joy and deep submission that changed her life.

Miles used every part of her willing body to tie her lust and love to his own. He was her match and she was his tinder; together their passion and lust flared and pushed each beyond their prior limits – until her past returned to threaten all that she now held dear.
 Journey Into Submission # 2
 The Re­Taking of Kate

Forced to confront the mistakes she had made in her past, Kate is determined to avoid making new ones over her growing love for Miles. However, she is continually made to change her decisions about him as she reacts to his strength of will and to his love and lust for her. Just how far into her life will she allow this man who offers her the hope of being a Master worthy of her submission...

Journey Into Submission # 3
Part 3: The Runaway

Kate has, finally, found a lover and a Master worthy of her submission. As they begin to explore the sensuality and the eroticism of their Dominant­/submissive relationship, her past returns to threaten all that she now holds dear. She is forced to decide between the past and the present, but finds herself unable to choose either...


A Master's Dilemma, 
a short story (Tarot Series)

Lars was a Master of many slaves, yet he felt the power of his attraction to one girl, Katriana. Unwilling to fall in love with a slave, he sought a way to end this unacceptable state and yet keep the woman who meant so much to him.

To Meet Her Needs
Release Date: Sept. 15 

Mark Jackson's marriage is over. He drifts into a small, Australian coastal community where he finds comfort and emotional security in the arms of Sue, a young woman separated from her husband. Mark's fragile stability is shattered after Sue is torn away from him.

When Ingrid Thompson enters Mark's emotionally turbulent world, their mutual attraction enflames them both. Ingrid, a successful manager, had not yet found a lover worthy of the gift of her submission.

Will Mark prove to be worthy as they begin to explore the world of loving Domination and submission?

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