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Author Spotlight: Annalisa Nicole

The Jazzy World of E's Bookshelf Author Spotlight is shining on author Annalisa Nicole.  Nicole is the author of the the Running into Love series which happens to be celebrating it's one year publishing anniversary. The Running into Love Series is about chance meetings that have the potential of leading to love. Nicole decided to start writing in December of 2012 and has since released four books. In my interview with her, she discusses where the story idea for her series came from and what we can expect to see from her next.  It's my pleasure to present you today's Author Spotlight on Annalisa Nicole. 

Annalisa Nicole's Biography
I am an “Indie” contemporary romance author. I live in California with my husband and two teenage boys. I love being a stay at home mom.
I never liked reading as a kid. I only started reading romance novels in the past few years. My Kindle and I are inseparable now. A thought occurred to me in December of 2012 that maybe I could write a romance novel. So I went to work with the encouragement of my husband and my sister-in-law. It didn’t take long to figure out that I really enjoyed writing.

Today I am a self published author and it has been an amazing journey!

An Interview with Annalisa Nicole

The Running into Love series is built around serendipitous moments  of people meeting, where did the story idea come from? 
The first book just came to me out of the blue, and as I was writing it the next one formed in my head. They all just kind of evolve. New book ideas come to me either in the shower or while I'm driving, when I can't write them down!

Besides these chance meetings, the Wellington family is part of each book. Are the characters based off people you’ve encountered in real life, or are they entirely made up? 
I'd say half and half. I do draw a little of myself in my characters. Honestly my characters sort of speak to me. I write what they tell me.

The latest book in the series is A Fighting Chance came out last month, what can you tells us about the fourth book in the series? 
A Fighting Chance was never supposed to be written. Max and Chloe were sub characters in previous books. They're not even Wellingtons. I received e-mails and PMs from people asking for their story. So I said sure, I'll just write a novella. That didn't happen! They had so much to say it ended up being a full length novel, and one I'm so very proud of!

Of all the books in the series do you have a personal favorite among them? 
I'd have to say A Fighting Chance. So far I think that one is my favorite. It's just so raw and close to my heart.

Do you plan any more books for this series and if so how many more? 
I'm currently writing Ava and Jax's story, due to come out hopefully in January 2015, then there is one more Wellington, Aiden. BUT I have one last surprise book after that, so there are three more to come!

I read that you were never a big reader till a few years ago. What was the book that got you to become a more avid reader? 
I was at Costco and saw the 50 Shades books. I thought sure I'll pick them up, everyone is going crazy over them. I started reading and I was hooked! I became a one click monster of all contemporary romance after that. Soon the Take A Chance book started talking to me. I had no clue what the heck I was doing. My sister-in-law saw that Amazon was having a Breakthrough Author Contest so I entered it. It didn't make it past the three hundred word synopsis. But I didn't stop there! I learned all about self publishing and went full steam ahead. Best thing I ever did!

Two years ago you had the idea to write a book and you just released your fourth book did you imagine you would have released four books in a span of two years? 
NEVER!! I still look at it and I'm just amazed what I've done. Being an author was never on my radar! Now it's all I think about.

What has been your favorite part of writing and publishing books? 
I love being in control of my own story. Well actually I'm really not, my characters are. But, I love the independence and flexibility. I love all the amazing people I've met through this whole journey.

Who are some of your favorite authors? 
Kristen Ashley and Tara Sivec.

When you’re not writing, how do you like to spend your free time? 
I'm a stay at home mom of two teenage boys, that usually keeps me busy. But I just ran my first half marathon and I run 5K mud runs with my sister-in-law and love them!

In 10 words, can you tell readers why they should read your books? 
I believe there is a happily ever after for everyone.

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans and/or readers new to you? 
Thank you to the readers for all the continued love and support. I'd be nothing without readers and bloggers. Never tried my books. You can get the first book for free if you sigh up for my newsletter. Now through October 31st you can get the box set for just .99! :)

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