Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Review: Corrupted by Alicia Taylor & Natalie Townson

I am going to marry a monster.

He is my everything.
He manipulates people for fun. He takes over their lives, consuming them. He dominates and crushes, ruling them, claiming their souls. No one can survive the games of Damon Hunt.

Before now. Before me.

I am Ella Knight. I am corrupted. My sister was a victim of Damon's games. It’s my turn to play now.

Damon Hunt has been my sole focus, my everything for three years, since my sister’s death. I'll manipulate him. I'll take over his life, consuming and crushing him. I am going to take away his soul. Damon Hunt will not survive my games. I will win.

I hope.

Wow! If I had one word to sum up Corrupted by Alicia Taylor and Natalie Townson that would be it. I thoroughly enjoyed every single page of this book. After I read the last page, I wanted the second book in the trilogy instantly.  Ella Knight is out for revenge against the man she blames for her sister's death, Damon Hunt. She's learned to play his game and after a couple years of practice she is ready to take him on.With her sisters journal in hand she goes after Damon. What she doesn't expect is that Damon knows when to say the right things. The story unfolds at a fast pace that leaves you turning the pages wanting more. Is Ella going to be able to win the game against Damon? Is there more to Damon that what she knows from her sister's diary? To find out the answers, you'll just have to read it.

Alicia Taylor and Natalie Townson do a fantastic job with this story. As you read it, it plays like a movie. You're waiting in suspense to see what will happen next as you're pulled through a few twists and turns. There's not many books that leave me saying "Wow", but Corrupted did. After I read it I wanted to find someone right way to talk about this book with. I can't wait to see what happens next in this trilogy.

This is one book you're going to want to read next. It's a thrilling ride that you won't be able to put down. One-click this book today.

Rating 5 Stars.

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