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Author Spotlight: M. Sembera

Today in the Jazzy World of E's Bookshelf Author Spotlight we have author M. Sembera. She is the author of the Rennillia series, Enduring Everything and Charlotte. Sembera started writing in high school but it wasn't till years later that she had time to focus on writing. Readers love Sembera's books and have given them great reviews. In my interview with her, Sembera talks about the where the story idea for Renillia came from as well as who her favorite character is from her books.  It's my pleasure to introduce to you, M. Sembera, today's Author Spotlight.

M. Sembera's Biography 

Born in Baton Rouge Louisiana, I now live in Brazoria, Texas with My Husband, Three Kids, Three Dogs and Two Cats. I wrote my first short story when I was in high school and instantly fell in love with writing. However, life sometimes gets in the way of aspirations and it wasn't until years later, when my life calmed down, I was able to start writing again. For me, each new book I write or character I create feels like the first time and I find myself falling in love with writing all over again. 

An Interview with M. Sembera

When did you know that you wanted to be a writer?

When I was a senior in high school, I had to write a short story for English class. Creating the characters and watching them come alive stuck with me and I completely fell in love with it. 

To date you've written seven books, five are part of the Rennillia Series. Where did the story idea for this series come from?

Rennillia actually came from the short story I wrote in high school. However, it changed a lot over the 15 years years I worked on it.

Of the four friends in the story do you have a favorite among them?

Well, Jackson of course ;) Mostly because he wasn't going to be one of the main characters at first. He kind of grew on me though and I kept adding him in. What can I say, I'm a sucker for a wink and a smile.

Enduring Everything is a stand alone book that features characters from the Rennillia Series. what was the inspiration for this story?

At the end of the Series, all the situations were resolved but there were a few readers that wanted to know what happened after the Epilogue. After thinking it over, I felt like Ren & Jacks had earned their own story and it was a great lead in to my Marked Heart Series. 

Your newest release is Charlotte, which features characters from Enduring Everything. What can you tells us about this story?

In EE Charlotte makes a few mistakes... Well, one pretty big one. Charlotte's book starts as she come's back to town after living in Spain for the last few years to make a mends with William Caffrey. Along with his forgiveness William asks Charlotte to do something for him. A last request. Unfortunately, for her, it involves William's older brother Auggie. Those that have read EE already know but if you haven't it quickly becomes clear that there is no love loss between Charlotte and Auggie. Basically, Charlotte and Auggie are very different people with the common factor of neither truly share their hearts and lives with another person. William knew this and cared for them both. He hoped they would grow to care for each other too. But with all the history surrounding Charlotte and not to mention having to deal with their own individual families problems... Its easier said then done.

Do you have any current works in progress you can share with us?

Yes! Penny is up next (Marked Heart #3). She is mentioned in EE and is a strong side character in Charlotte. She is up beat and light-hearted. Penny Caffrey is also the youngest and only girl out of five siblings. I just love her to Pieces and hope everyone else does too! 

I read that music plays a part when you're writing a scene or chapter. Do you have to hear the music first or does a certain song pop in your head as you're writing?

Both. Sometimes I already have a song in mind and then other times I'll hear a song on the radio that inspires me.

What has been your favorite part of writing and publishing books?

Being able to openly discuss them with strangers. Its an awesome feeling!

Who are some of your favorite authors?

Top 3 of all time- Edgar Allen Poe, Edith Wharton & L.N. Montgomery

When you're not writing what do you like to do?

Hang out with my husband and kids.

In 10 words or less can you tell readers why they should read your books?

My characters are colorfully flawed with heart.

Is there anything you would like to say your fans and/or readers new to you?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my books. While I cannot promise everyone will always love everything I write, I promise to always stay true to my characters and their stories.

Books by M. Sembera

The Rennillia Series

Set in a small southern town, death, love, hurt, friendship and anger bond Rennillia Cantinelli (Ren), Scott Herterand (Hert), Emerson Roberts (Em) and Jackson Thomas (Jacks) while shaping the paths they will follow into adulthood. 
After a six year separation from her friends, Ren returns to the Roberts' house to start over. Caught between love, loyalty, friendship and restrained by obligations, these four discover the bond they formed long ago is not the only thing holding them together.  

Follow Ren (Rennillia) from the age of fifteen to eighteen as she struggles to make the right decisions for herself and sometimes works even harder to make the wrong ones. Hert (Scott Herterand) has a similar less than ideal home life and has been her only friend up until she meets Emerson. When her father arranges a meeting between Ren and the powerful Mr. Roberts son (Emerson) they instantly form a bond that rivals that of her and Hert's. When Ren's father bans her from all contact with anyone but Emerson, she takes a chance and falls for the charming and flirtatious Jackson. Smitten with him, she defies her father and embarks on a relationship with him. All the while death, love, hurt, anger and other various family issues arise that eventually lead the four of them (Ren, Hert, Emerson and Jackson) to the paths they will follow into adulthood.

~Companion Novelette
Life with HIM covers the six year gap between The Prequel and Rennillia (book I) left out of The Series.Following the death of her parents in 'A Look Back' Prequel to The Rennillia Series, Ren cannot cope with her heartbreaking loss. Fueled by regret and the overwhelming need to hide from what has happened, she winds up on Henley's door step. Allowing HIM to control her, she is more than willing to suffer the physical pain of their relationship to escape her internal devastation. Until the moment she discovers her life is no longer her own, she then finds the push she needs to leave HIM.
Enduring Everything
In order to put years of heartache and abuse behind her, Ren learned to bury the past deep down inside herself and focus on one thing; raising her daughter Sophia. As the years passed, she found peace in the daily routine of her job and becomes content with being a mom.

On the night of her daughter's wedding, Ren takes a risk and strays from the predictable world she has set up for herself when her longtime friend Jackson rekindles a loving promise he made to her long ago.

Ren cannot keep her past buried, and the two struggle when old problems start to creep back into their lives. She cannot get her world back in order and her instinct is to shut everyone out.

In the midst of it all, Ren is coerced into helping Charlotte, an adopted teenager of her close friends the Roberts'. Reluctantly agreeing, Ren finds Charlotte is in dire need of self control and direction. Upon discovering they share a similar upbringing, Ren feels she can advise Charlotte and keep her from repeating her own mistakes. Taking steps to ensure Charlotte's recovery, her new found purpose causes a rift in the family she has come to know and love as her own.

Battling issues, both new and old, will Ren & Jacks be able to endure everything life has thrown at them or will Ren give up everything and isolate herself from the inevitable pain that will follow when all her secrets are revealed? 
Charlotte Roberts and Augustus (Auggie) Caffrey may never have known each other, if it were not for William Caffrey. They would have simply moved on with their own lives without the anger and resentment that followed, when William fell for Charlotte almost six years ago.

Under the pretense of introducing Trace Delgado, her soon to be fiancé, to her adoptive parents, Emerson and Amila Roberts, Charlotte arrives back in her small southern hometown to personally collect on the forgiveness William promised he would give her if she ever returned.

Spending his days at the hospital with his brother William and his nights tending bar at The Dog House, Auggie knows it is only a matter of time before he loses the brother he has tried his entire life to protect.

When Auggie finds out Charlotte is in town, to no doubt torment his brother on his death bed, he wants her to stay as far away from William as possible. All Charlotte wants is to be forgiven and move on with a clear conscience. While, William's dying wish is to ensure the two people he cares about most step outside of their comfort zones and see that life is not as cut and dry as they think it is.

Charlotte's guilt and Auggie's brotherly devotion compel them to, secretly, follow through with William's last requests forcing them to begrudgingly spend time together. The more time they spend together, the closer they become. And the harder it is to keep what is taking place between them secret.

Late nights visits and stolen moments cause Charlotte to fall hard. But when a reminder of what brought them together stops Auggie dead in his tracks, he starts to question how far he's willing to go with someone who was his brother's first.



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