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Male Author Showcase: Aden Lowe

It's time to kick off the Male Author Showcase. Starting things off is Bestselling Romance Author, Aden Lowe. Aden is the author of the Hunted Love Series and the Hell Raiders MC Series. Both series are filled with Alpha Males that has readers swooning. Aden is also the co-author of Ride It Out With Ashley Wheels.  On Aug. 4,  he will release the first book in his new Unwanted Soldiers series, Target. Without any further ado, it's my pleasure to present to you the author known for Kick Ass Romacnes and Happy Ever Afters,  Aden Lowe.

Meet Aden Lowe

Aden Lowe’s books have become Amazon bestsellers in multiple Romance sub-genres.

After 15 years editing books for strangers, he decided to try his own hand at writing. Big Game: Hunted Love #1 was his debut, and his story idea file is endless. The only thing certain about his future books is Romance. The sub-genre depends on the story the characters have to tell.

Growing up, Aden was lucky enough to have a huge brood of cousins to help him get into all sorts of trouble. Long summers spent on various family members’ farms gave him a deep appreciation for the outdoors and horses. He worked his way through college training horses as a result of those summers.

Aden and his wife Elyse live in a rural area, with his horse, Joe, a stray dog, Missy, a Momma Cat, and five pet rats.

Books by Aden Lowe

Big Game: A Hunted Love #1

In Big Game, a legendary predator decides prize horses should be on his menu. Kate, the owner of the horse ranch, hires a big game hunter to track the mountain lion and remove the threat. The hunter arrives to take up the trail, but instead of the seasoned older man she expects, she meets Jakob who is young and impossibly sexy. Despite her attraction to him, Kate fears Jakob will reject her because of the after-effects of a childhood injury. 

Freshly back from deployment to Afghanistan as a special forces operative, Jakob needs to clear his head of the horrors of war. When his uncle dies, Jakob steps in to hunt down a mountain lion on the other side of the state. The prospect of several days in the wilderness with only his horses and dogs for company sounds like the ideal opportunity. Except the infuriating female rancher insists on going along for the ride. 

He slipped into the hall quietly and headed in the right direction. A faint sound, a moan, stopped him in his tracks. A repeat, and then another, deeper, came from an open door directly across from the bathroom. Was something wrong? Worried, he rushed for the open door only to freeze in his tracks. 

Kate's big four poster bed stood framed between two windows and her pale skin showed in stark relief against dark sheets. She moaned again and moved restlessly, rolling to her back. The snug tank top and white cotton panties she wore left little to the imagination, displaying the contours of muscle and feminine curve to sheer perfection. 

When one hand dropped to those delicious panties, Jakob swallowed hard to keep from groaning his need aloud. Fuck! He clenched his eyes hard and forced himself to back slowly away from her door before his hard-on could lead him into that bed with her. Dear God in Heaven, he would never be the same again. 

The bathroom door stopped his flight and he managed to get himself together enough to open in and go inside. What the hell was wrong with him? It wasn't like he was a rank virgin, to react to a woman that way. He hadn't even been forever without a woman. An old girlfriend had been happy to welcome him home. 

Erection throbbing in desperation, he managed to get the water started and climb into the shower. The blast of ice shards should have eliminated the issue, but if anything, he only became harder and more needy. Stubborn, he forced himself to lather up despite the bone chilling effect, and thereby discovered an entirely new form of torture. And still his hips arched reflexively. 

Biting his lip to contain yet another groan he finally allowed his fingers to circle the base of his shaft. No sense fighting the inevitable. In just a few strokes he found the right rhythm and let his forehead rest against the shower wall while his harsh breathing filled the small space. His orgasm blasted forth on one final thrust with a groan that started in the depths of his soul. He sagged against the shower wall, the image of Kate pinned under him etched on his brain forever. 

A sharp rap at the bathroom door jolted his heart to a standstill. "Jakob? Are you okay?" 

Fuck, that voice sent heat pooling into his groin once more. 

She knocked again. "Jakob?" 

"Uh, sorry. I'm okay, be out in a minute." Good God. 

Goodreads book page: 

Bounty: Hunted Love #2 

Bounty hunter, Falon Harris is asked to go after outlaw biker Tom Kellen and tracks him to where he's hiding out in Stags Leap, KY, laying low and waiting for the heat to pass. Rita James operates a busy tavern/grill and occasionally rents out the little camper trailer on her back lot. Figuring the tavern is the most logical place to watch for Kellen, Falon rents the trailer for a week. The first night, while he's having dinner and watching everything, Kellen shows up and starts giving Rita a hard time. The bartender puts a stop to it, but Falon gets the idea it's happened before. Knowing Kellen's past, he knows the biker won't take no for an answer for long. 

Falon took advantage of the small gap between them to look. Silky pale skin covered her smooth musculature and feminine contours. Black lace accentuated the paleness of her breasts and acted as an artistic showcase for all that sheer perfection. 

The impulse to touch overcame him and he allowed his hands to rise and gently cup her flesh. She reacted with a sharp hiss and reached behind her back to unclasp her bra. The garment went slack in his hand, and he let it drop in favor of touching bare skin. Hardened nipples beckoned his mouth, and he obeyed instantly to flick his tongue across the tip of one and rolled the other between his finger and thumb. 

Rita's moan accompanied her fingers cupping the back of his head, nails raking his scalp in a way that inflamed him even more. He pulled her nipple between his lips and sucked hard, drawing a gasp from her. 

A muffled bang from below made them both stiffen just as a buzzer sounded in Rita's apartment. 

"Shit!" She pulled away and scrambled for her bra and shirt. "Trouble in the bar. That was the shotgun." 

Captured: Hunted Love #3: 

Jakob and Kate from Big Game continue to explore the possibilities of their attraction, as disaster and violence head their way. A new foe prepares to rain hell down on their heads in the form of an outlaw Motorcycle Club and Kellen, a killer with a grudge against Jakob. Having overheard the plot, Jakob's old Army buddy, Falon, and Rita, from Bounty, race to help, but can they get there in time? 

Kellen will do whatever it takes to have his revenge on Jakob and carry out his orders to force Kate into a brand new horror. Will she be able to count on Jakob's love to sustain her in the darkness? When Falon and Rita interfere with Kellen's plans, they become his targets as well, but since they have no value to him, he simply wants them eliminated. Can they trust in their new love to help them get through? 

They neared the end of the aisle and the punk turned to face them, grinning and blocking the way. "Hey, folks. What say you stay real quiet-like, and hand over the cash?" 

Rita froze and Falon sensed the anger coursing through her. He shifted his position to keep an eye toward their rear. She stepped a little away from him and put her hands on her hips, and very deliberately looked the punk up and down. "I don't fucking think so. You picked the wrong people to try and hold up." 

The punk first looked a little embarrassed and afraid, but his nerve quickly reasserted itself. He raised the bottom of his stained and ragged T-shirt to reveal the butt of a small handgun at his waistband. "Bitch, I don't want no trouble, but I can handle it." 

Rita bent a little as if to brush some dust from her boot, presenting Falon with a tempting view of her ass. The wicked looking .40 she'd chosen to carry in her boot practically leapt into her hand as she straightened. "Sweetheart, I am trouble. Back up." She looked like trouble, too, with her snug jeans tucked into black boots, and a faded denim jacket she'd cut the sleeves out of. Under the jacket, a royal-blue corset that hugged every sexy-as-sin curve made Falon's cock throb every time he got a glimpse. 

He felt like a fucking idiot. Who thought of how delicious a woman's breasts tasted in the middle of a mugging? He had to be all alone in that distinctive proclivity. But try as he might, the memory refused to leave him alone, even as he braced himself to deal with the punk's partner, now only a few feet behind. 

Enough fooling around. He needed to get this done so he could get Rita somewhere more private and taste her again. Annoyed and increasingly frustrated, he turned on his heel, trusting Rita to handle the first punk while he took care of the partner. 

Surprised, he froze. The emaciated girl standing a few feet away didn't look capable of harming anyone. But the revolver in her fragile hands could likely do the job, if she could hold it steady enough. 

The barrel wavered and her eyes went huge. "I'm sorry, mister, but we need the money real bad. We ain't eat nothing for three days." Certainly believable. 

Buy Links for Hunted Love Series 

Big Game: Hunted Love #1 (FREE)

Bounty: Hunted Love #2 

Captured: Hunted Love #3 

Hell Raiders MC Series 

Kellen’s Redemption - (Hell Raiders MC Book 1)

Outlaw MC President Kellen and debutante/illegal arms dealer Vicky have many challenges to overcome before they can explore their interest in each other, beginning with staying alive. Sparks fly between the two when they meet for a gun deal, but Kellen doesn't know the Russian mob put a price on Vicky's head. Or that he and his Club will end up in the middle of all-out war. He has to decide if he likes her well enough to risk his neck by getting involved. 

Can Vicky trust his help? Or is he another part of the trap her father's old foes have laid? How will she know the difference before it's too late? 

Goodreads Link: 

The edge of the mattress bumped his knees and he lowered them both across the bed. Her hips welcomed him, arching up to meet his thrust. Nails stroked lightly across his neck, dragging a ragged groan from him. 

"You'd better get rid of these clothes before I tear them off you, baby. I can't wait." That voice grabbed him by the balls and spurred him on. 

Kellen stood long enough to kick off his boots and folded his cut across the back of the chair against the wall. Jeans and shirt followed. "You better get rid of that dress, little girl, before I finish ripping it off you." 

A lazy smile curved her lips. "I dare you." 

A surge of pure heat settled in his belly. "I was hoping you'd say that." The torn edge of her gown felt thin as tissue between his fingers as he lifted it away from her body. The tear ended at the top of her shapely thigh, tempting him to rip it the rest of the way and reveal all of her. But no. He'd looked forward to this moment too much to rush. He fully intended to take his sweet time. 

Instead of devouring her immediately, he dropped to his knees beside the bed. The fancy shoes intrigued him, the way they emphasized the delicate arch of her foot and the fragile bones of her ankle. Rather than remove them, he kissed along the curve of her instep and found his way to her calf. 

An impatient noise came from her and she moved to pull away, but he held her fast. "Kellen, please, this is not time for foreplay." She hissed a little when his tongue found the back of her knee. 

"Little girl, this ain't foreplay. This is me making every inch of you mine." The moan of frustration she made brought a smile to his lips. She would be as finely tuned to him as his bike before he finished, ready to respond to his every thought. 

Buy Links for Kellen's Redemption


Dixon’s Resurrection – (Hell Raiders MC Book 2) 

When Dixon's past returns to claim his soul and fails, the monster takes the easiest way to hurt him: Georgie. She's a fighter, but even she is powerless against such evil. Can Dix and the Hell Raiders save her? 

Dixon looks like a Boy Scout, but his past is far from clean. The Hell Raiders Prospect finally has things on the ball, even Georgie. But the ghosts from his former life refuse to stay buried and come back to haunt him. 

Georgie was a cop, fired for excessive force, but now she manages the Rattlesnake. When Dix helps her with a nasty little issue from her past, will she give in to the temptation he offers? 

Determined to pull Dix back in at any cost, his ghosts go after his most obvious weakness. When Georgie is taken, she fights like hell, but even she can't overcome such evil. Terrified, Dix calls on the Hell Raiders for help. Can he save Georgie from the hell that awaits her? Or will it claim them both? 

Driven by desperate need to experience more of her, he let his mouth follow his fingers, sweeping kisses down the delicate column of her neck. Her collarbone begged extra attention, and he obliged, swirling his tongue over the tender skin to draw small moans from her. She brought her hands up to smooth along his shoulders, the light touch making his breath hiss between his teeth. 

He worked further down and she raked her nails gently along his spine until his tongue flicked over her nipple. Then her nails dug in as she arched toward him, soundlessly urging him to take more. He gladly obliged and let his fingers trail down over her ribs and belly, caressing her smooth skin, exploring every nuance. 

The prospect of possessing her became more real to him with every kiss, every stroke, and made his heart thunder, the force threatening to break through the cage of his ribs. It felt like a living dream, unattainable despite being right there within his grasp. 

Torn between wanting to lavish more attention on her tits, and the need to have more, Dix finally allowed his mouth to follow where his hands led. When his fingers reached the juncture of her thighs, she gave a sharp cry and let her legs fall apart. Pushed beyond his ability to stay in control, he shifted position for better access and fell on her with a growl, kissing and licking. 

Georgie cried out again and raised her hips while her fingers scraped hard along the back of his skull until she found hair long enough to grasp. He lost himself in the joy of experiencing her this way. 

Long before he had his fill, she tugged him upward. "Please, Dix, I want you now." 

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Trip’s Retribution – (Hell Raiders MC Book 3)
For Trip, VP of the Hell Raiders MC, dangerous situations are second nature. Two years ago, negotiating business with the Saxons MC, he finds the one woman he can't live without. When he learns she's there as payment for someone else's debt, Trip must make Tany his, despite the risks. 

Life with Trip is as far from the living nightmare of being a slave to the Saxons MC as possible. Her knight in black armor came for her and it hasn't been easy, but things are finally looking up for Tanya. She even almost believes it. 

Until the Hell Raiders step uninvited into Saxons business and they decide to make Trip pay through Tanya's suffering. Will another round of torture shatter her spirit and put her forever beyond Trip's reach? Or will his love be enough to finally end the nightmare for good? 

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Prizefight – (Hell Raiders MC Book 4) 

As one of the top fighters on the MMA circuit, I don't need help getting women, and I have no interest in the one included as a prize for my latest match. That is, until I learn what the local loan shark demands if she misses a 'date'. I can't get Elena's situation out of my mind. That could have been my sister. 

As a member of the Hell Raiders MC, when Royse puts himself in our business, I have to act. I jump at the chance to learn more about Elena, and I don't like what I find out. She tried to get out of the life, and the bastard sent her to die. 

Can I help her, keep my fight record clean, and take care of Hell Raiders business? Hell, why do I even want to? I'm nobody's hero. 

So when she asks for help, why do I find myself saying yes? 

I have a feeling I'm in for the fight of my life. 

Is the Prize worth the Fight? 

And in moments it was over and my arm was raised as the winner. My opponent had to be helped from the ring by his handlers. I took my towel from Luke and stalked for the locker room. The girl, wearing a very bright red, curve-hugging dress and insanely high heels followed. Now what the hell was I going to do about that part of the prize? 

I successfully delayed figuring it out for ten minutes while I got a shower and dressed again. Maybe she would just leave or whatever and I wouldn't have to deal with it. When Luke negotiated the prize package, I really hadn't believed him about the girl. I wanted the two grand, but I could get all the pussy I wanted without having to work for it. Luke finally convinced me though, and I signed on the line for the match. 

I grabbed my stuff from the locker, shrugged into my Hell Raiders cut, and headed out, ready to get on with the evening. The damn cut on my cheekbone still oozed blood, and I brushed it away. 

"Uh, hey, what should I do?" The girl tottered up beside me on the ridiculous heels. 

I stopped long enough to take a good look at her. The fancy clothes didn't suit her, like I cared. She had the kind of curves that should be covered only by a bikini and some sexy ink. If I had time to play, she'd look great on the back of my Harley. Or on my cock. 

I shrugged. "Do whatever you want. I don't care." Shaking my head, I shouldered through the door and out into the alley. 

"Wait!" Her shoes clacked after me. "You won the night with me. So, uh…what do you want?" 

I stopped and sighed, then turned to face her. "I know I won the night with you. I don't want it. So do whatever you want. To someone else." 

Her face crumpled for an instant before she blinked and visibly pushed her hurt feelings aside. "I can't do that. Wherever you go tonight, I'm going." 

What the hell? "Whatever. Doubt you'll like it much." I walked on toward the parking lot. Most of the spectators should still be inside, but I still paused at the corner to make sure no one was near my bike. Last thing I needed was some wanna-be tough guy trying to challenge me in the parking lot. 

The woman followed, heels clicking along on the pavement, but I refused to shorten my stride to accommodate her. If she insisted on going along, she'd better keep the fuck up. I reached the bike and started to stow my gear in the saddlebag when she caught up. 

"How am I supposed to go with you on that thing?" 

"Not my problem." 

One foot stamped in annoyance. "You're just about the rudest jerk on the planet." 

"Rude? Me?" I paused to look up. "No, baby girl, I'm not rude. I'm saving you from yourself." Maybe that would get her to just leave me the hell alone. 

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Fabio’s Remorse – (Hell Raiders MC Book 5) 

Fabio thought leaving his high-school sweetheart to join the Army was the hardest thing he would ever do. He took everything war threw at him, knowing he had to get back to Justine. 

The Dear John letter came, and he wanted to die. The fucking enemy refused to cooperate, and he lived. Now, all he has is a Top Secret past, and the Hell Raiders MC. 

Justine had love and a career, but they took her honor, leaving her no choice. Fabio deserved more. 

Tragedy brings Fabio back into her life, and she can't turn away. This time, does she have the strength to fight for him? Will he refuse her? 

***This book contains adult situations, including violence, some of which may serve as triggers for some readers. There are references to past sexual violence.*** 

Buy Links for Fabio's Remorse

Ride Series – Co-authored with Ashley Wheels 

Ride It Out - Co-authored with Ashley Wheels 

All Hound wants is a little peace and quiet from life. A stay at the beach house is the perfect opportunity, but when he arrives, he sees Anne. From that moment, his thoughts are anything but peaceful. 

Anne has spent her life under the thumb of overbearing family members. Fed up with it, she orchestrates a getaway to show them, and herself, she's capable of a normal life. But Blake (Hound) invades her solitude and independence and makes her want the extraordinary. 

When the hurricane warnings come, Hound has a choice. Leave for safety, or ride it out with Anne. Will he choose Anne and take the chance at love or escape for safety? 

Excerpt 1: 
He kisses his way down my neck and I start to breathe faster, not sure where this is going. Just as his hand reaches my breast, I hear a crack and panic, but too late to stop anything. The lounge chair falls back and tips over and I land with Blake on top of me. 

"Ufff! Shit! Anne, you okay? Are you hurt?" 

Laughter bubbles up. "I'm fine Blake. Although, it'd be a little better if you moved just a little of your weight off me." Wiggling my hips a little to try and help, I hear another groan from Blake and look up. 

His face is inches away from mine. "Anne, don't do that again unless you want to finish this right here, out on the beach." 

Excerpt 2: 
My grip tightens, drawing a small whimper from her, but she doesn't pull away. With my other hand, I pull the strap of her top down to bare her perfect breast. It fits like it was made for my hand, soft and firm. At my gentle squeeze, she arches forward. I kiss her hard once more, then lean back to look at her. Her eyes are dark with lust. Taking advantage, I kiss her neck, down across her chest to her breast. 

“Blake.” Her pleas are so sweet. 

“Shhh, Anne just feel it. I have you.” 

Buy Links for Ride It Out

Ride The Bench – (Ride 2) – 
Releasing Summer/Fall 2016 – Co-authored with Ashley Wheels 

Ryan has it all - looks, brains, a promising chance at a pro baseball career, and any woman he wants. Everything except the ONE woman he wants. 

Rachel is the girl next door – sporty, gorgeous and used to getting her way, especially with her best friend Ryan, and her brother. But when the guys move to the next phase of their lives, Rachel no longer calls the shots. She's left behind with no safety net, and bitterness sends her spiraling out of control with no one there to stop her. 

One night of partying leads to the biggest obstacle of their lives. Will the love they've hidden from one another help them through or will they turn their backs on the future? 

"What are you doing?" 

"You promised to wrestle me for two slices. Remember?" I wait with my hands on my hips. 

A little pout settles on her lips. "Are you serious? I was joking. Look at you, you're twice my size. Besides, I'm out of practice." 

"Time you refresh your memory then." I drop to the floor and reach up to pull her off the couch. "I'll let you start on top." 

She lands across my chest with an oomph and immediately twists away to grab my arm. 

Unwanted Soldiers Series

Target: Unwanted Soldiers #1 – Releasing August 4th, 2016 

She was only supposed to be a Target—not become my everything. 

I'm an Unwanted Soldier—an elite group of former soldiers which takes missions no one can complete, no matter the amount of money offered. I handle specific targets—the impossible ones. 

Coming home from a mission in the desert, all I want is sleep. A visitor derails that plan with a file and a new mission: rescue Lauren Johnson from the abusive Presidential Candidate/US Senator Jared Richardson. 

Lauren's gray eyes got to me, left me powerless to turn it down. I only take the most remote and dangerous jobs. This one might have the biggest stakes of all—my heart. 

I could be the next First Lady! But as the campaign heats up, my fiancĂ©, US Senator Jared Richardson, is under more stress, and he lashes out at me. His staff looks the other way. I can't just leave. My face is everywhere. My family and friends have all been pushed away. And Jared won't let me go, even if I no longer want this. 

My new bodyguard, Trick, protected me from Jared, despite the danger to himself from Jared's henchmen. I'm not certain why he's on my side, but he's the only one I have, and I trust him. He helps me remember how things are supposed to be, and what I want from life. He makes me want so much more. If he's willing to take these risks, surely I can have the courage to leave Jared and move on. 

If only Trick will move on with me… 

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